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 by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

(Miss Jai Latto and photo courtesy of
This nation’s first trans beauty contest for a good cause was published in the Sunday Mirror newspaper as well as being featured on the mirror online website. What an amazing acknowledgement and a very uplifting feeling for the LGBTQI (Lesbia, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and Intersex) community to be appreciated and recognised in the society we now live in. SUCH A LIBERATION!!!

(The Photo shoot and photo courtesy of
The contest for MISS TRANSGENDER UNITED 2015 was promoted by Mirror using the steamy photo shoot of the 14 candidates in their sensual one-piece or two-piece swimsuits with lecherous high heels. On the day of the photo shoot, hair and make-up pros, Amanda Clarke and Oona Connor, assisted the candidates with their make-up and hair styles as well as shared impressive D.I.Y. tips too with the transgender people in the make-up room. See for yourself the aphrodisiacs of MISS TRANSGENDER UNITED 2015. I think, most of the 14 candidates spent time in the gym to achieve a voluptuous body.

(Photo courtesy of Miss Transgender UK Company Facebook Page)
On the 27th of September this year, twenty admirable and courageous hopefuls for the title of, MISS TRANSGENDER UNITED 2015, headed to London Borough of Camden. They were confidentially carrying  glam suitcases filled with make-up kits, wigs & hair extensions, swimwear, casual outfits, long evening gowns, high heels and digital cameras. Aside from that, they also invited their loving family, supportive friends and admirers who gave moral support and boosted their self esteem while on stage.
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MISS TRANSGENDER UNITED 2015 was organised by Rachael Bailey especially for Trans people who would love to let their hair down and overcome their fears on a decorated stage at Egg London, 200 York Way, London, N7 9AX. Apart from being the dedicated organiser, Rachel Bailey was very generous too as she made a whopping £20,000 contribution to ensure that this pageant for a good cause happened.
(Photos courtesy of Miss Transgender UK Company Facebook Page)

The stage had been set-up with cameras, speakers, banners and spotlights while the audience waited, sat and relaxed. On the other hand, the contestants were very ready to conquer the stage, with their head high and chin up. Why would they not be? They unveiled their hidden talents as well as showcased design creations as part of the pageantry. Their individual performance was rewarded by the audience round of applause and standing ovations. KUDOS to all of you!
They headed back to the make-up room and got busy with their hairstyles, make-up retouching and choosing of what to wear for the next category. The hostess amused the audience for awhile until it was time for candidates to appear on the stage again. Despite their preparations, most of them had butterflies in their stomach, which made them very close with one another. It's inevitable to be nervous or uptight but because of the positive moral support they received from the audience, the casual wear category went and finished very smoothly.
(Photo courtesy of Miss Transgender UK Company Facebook Page)
The audience loved it so much and the contestants' belief in themselves as a woman was sustained as they had a more positive outlook in life. So, here they come in their attractive gowns, made of the most luxurious fabrics. A vision of colorful and full-length body hugging silhouettes. .
(Photos courtesy of Miss Transgender UK Company Facebook Page)
After their individual emergence on stage, they were all called to gather for the Question and Answer portion. The questions per se were mostly related and relevant to the transition to becoming a woman and how rejuvenating it is to call and love yourself as a woman. They were all winners and won the hearts of the affectionate audience who got impressed with their heartfelt impromptu answers.

The dream title, MISS TRANSGENDER UNITED 2015, which also included a cash prize of £5,000 and  an all-expeses paid surgery in India was bequeathed to Jai Latto of Walkerburn (Scottish borders). Aside from the announcement of the title holder and the runners-up, a special award for MISS TRANSGENDER UNITED 2015 People's Favourite was given to Miss Carmen Confait. Moreover, the title holder will become one of the LGBTQI speakers, on behalf of MISS TRANSGENDER UNITED company, who will then visit hospitals, festivals and will even present the LGBTQI Icon Awards.
(Miss Fay Louise Purdham, Miss Jai Latto, Miss Vanessa Lacsamana and photo courtesy of Miss Transgender UK Company Facebook Page)

I didn't see the show personally, which I regret, the MISS TRANSGENDER UNITED 2015 last September 27. However, to have read a few informative articles before writing my own essay, my respect and admiration to the people behind the event as well as the organiser is very high. Why? It's because they have been encouraging late bloomers to be more at one with themselves as well as supporting charity works.

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*Corrections courtesy of Jossy Yendall and Johannah Buchan


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I don't know what to say, surely, I am not happy with the current universal exchange rate!

In the past, the exchange rate good for UK Sterling Pounds to Philippine Peso was very assistive to one's expenses. It was like saving you from debts, if you have one, and/or adding more money into your savings account. Nowadays, the rate is quite bad (pretty low) for us who are always sending money to our old folks in the Philippines. To give you a rough estimate of the diminution, it went down to almost 50 percent and up to now it shows no signs of recovery. What a nasty and unfavourable circumstances for us?

Instead of blaming the United Kingdom's government officials and also, giving myself a hard time and wrinkles. Nowadays, every time I am sending money to my beloveds I am always making sure of their primary needs first before giving them extra dosh for their vices. However and in the past (just to compare), I was just sending £ without thinking twice, it's because the exchange rate before could cover more than their essential needs in life. So, having hesitations in sending money nowadays is inevitable especially that things here, in general, are getting more expensive too.

I am still not loosing hope that one day or within this year, the very 'stabilising' exchange rate of yesterday will revert!

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The 'market' (bond, commodity, stock, FX, etc.) in general, is like a supernatural entity and it can bring down the Governments. For example, the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) came crashing down and adapted capitalism from the ruins of the old system. Recently, the Argentine middle classes lost there 'shirt' as the value of the peso crashed, due to Government debt.

At the moment, why there is a Greece crisis it is because they cannot afford to pay the interest of the bond debts. The money every three months become due. The recent turmoil has been caused because successive Governments had borrowed too much and can't afford the interest on the loans. These loans are called bond that are traded in the market. As Greece didn't have the money to pay the interest on their bonds they had to ask the EEC (European Economic Community) and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to rescue them. That is the historic debts!

Any new borrowing by Greece is now price at 15% per annum. This is much more than the country earns, so, there is no way to pay without going bankrupt. This is the cost of the crisis that the market will bring to the door of any 'Govt.' or 'person' who ignores it.

Don't be surprised if the Euro or Sterling drops in value because Greece problems are endemic in many European countries.


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Fangs... Fangs and more Fangs!

I am not talking about canines or police dogs used in operations like sniffing of illegal drugs and catching life-threatening criminals in the world. Have you ever heard of Bill Compton or Eric Northman? If YES, you might have imagined both of them before bedtime or could be, when you watched episodes of True Blood on your TV screen. Frankly speaking, we are in the same boat as they are irresistibly yummylicious!

I waited for months before I was able to successfully downloaded a few episodes of TRUE BLOOD SEASON 4. We were craving to see the whole cast again and even looking forward to see new faces. We wanted to see the whole casts but I only wanted to see more of Bill Compton and Eric Northman whom I consider sizzling hot vampires. Their masculine fictional characters made me feel sensual and sexy. Also, I was delighted as they love Sookie Stackhouse unconditionally.

Watching 3 episodes of True Blood Season 4 over the past nights, really boosted me and satisfied my hunger too. I only just noticed some staggering changes to the characters and their lives that I had loved before and loving more now. 

Bill Compton, the law-abiding vampire and the x-fiance of Sookie Stackhouse is now the proclaimed King of Louisiana. Soon after when Sookie was missing, there was a gradual leaped in Bill's Life. He has embraced once again his past as a vampire who prefers to bite and drink human blood than synthesized blood. And also, the intimate sexual urges with women who find him very interesting in bed.

Eric Northman likes Sookie and is still Bill's tough contender. The tall, white, serious and thousand years old Viking, Eric Northman, is now becoming vulnerable and fragile. His frailty was caused by a spell performed by a circle of witches led by Marnie when he tried to wipe-put the coven. The unforeseen magical spell was very strong and it left traces of memory loss in which he could hardly recognise who he was and the people he knew before.
Sookie Stackhouse was transported by her fairy godmother, Claudine, to the fairy world where she was reunited with her grandfather, Earl. She stayed for only a few minutes with the fairies but in Bon Temps (her hometown) she was officially missing for a year. The fairy world was a trap and the leader tried to force Sookie to eat a vibrant apple which would keep her under the spell. When Sookie had noticed the entrapment, her and Earl escaped the fairies by jumping into a black hole. When they were back in Bon Temps, her grandfather faded away and she was met with unexpected surprises. Such as, Jason Stackhouse (her brother) and closest friends thought she was dead and killed by a vampire. The Bon Temp Police team led by Andy Bellefleur suspected Bill Compton as the prime killer. The house that she inherited and where she and Jason grew-up was sold by her brother to a classified person. But soon after her come back, Eric Northman disclosed to Sookie that he owns the newly bought and renovated house.

The feisty and troublesome waitress of Merlotte' Bar and Grill, Tara Thornton, has finally found her identity as a late bloomer lesbian. Though she had a few intimate relationships with men in Bon Temps before, she is now contently living with a woman in New Orleans. She works as a cage fighter who is is undoubtedly becoming stronger after a few horrible experiences with the vampires. She is currently in Bon Temps to see her childhood friend, Sookie and cousin, Lafayette.

True Blood withdrawal syndrome is no longer affecting my life!

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He is a very serious man who likes reading investors' magazines and also, various newspapers publicising useful ideas as well as the latest happenings in the U.K. Government. I treat him as my tough critic but behind is a man who appreciates poetry and loves to listen to popular and signatures songs from the 60's to 80's, mainly.

One of the days while I was reading a DIY (Do It Yourself) Magazine, I heard him deliver emotional poems. I was in deep surprise and have almost forgotten what I was reading about change a postal address . It was a weird topic but it caught my attention so much. So, before I decided opening my magazine to continue reading the article, I went to him and encouraged him to record his compositions and the one below is just one of the many.

Though I know that evenin’s empire has returned into sand
Vanished from my hand
Left me blindly here to stand but still not sleeping
My weariness amazes me, I’m branded on my feet
I have no one to meet
And the ancient empty street’s too dead for dreaming

His poems were uttered spontaneously and in each sentence was bestowed with intense meaning. I was very impressed and delighted for he had touched my soul.

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by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

(Miss Wawa Mismosil and photo courtesy of Joel Ryder Photography Facebook Page)
Sawadee ka and welcome to Thailand... What I mean is, welcome to Mango Tree Restaurant located at 46 Grosvenor Place, Belgrave, SW1X 7EQ.

There are growing numbers of spacious hotels and restaurants in London and across the U.K. functioning as gathering places. Such as, an art exhibition which enables gifted artists to sell their masterpieces to eccentric collectors; a couture catwalk fashion show for young and professional designers letting them flaunt their creations to the elites or a pageantry venue for beautiful women and handsome men, willing to display their charisma  on stage.

(Photos courtesy of Mango Tree Restaurant Facebook Page)

On the 27th of September 2015, Mango Tree Restaurant held their annual pageantry with the evening's theme being, MASQUERADE!

(Magic FM’s Angie Greeves and photo courtesy of Joel Ryder Photography Facebook Page)
It was hosted by Magic FM’s Angie Greeves who orchestrated proceedings throughout the night. Such as the sanguine and sexy ladyboys on stage and also entertained the crowd in her creative peacock ensemble. Aside from the colorful hostess, a panel of VIP and celebrity judges impartially awarded scores in each category.
(The jury and photo courtesy of Joel Ryder Photography Facebook Page)
There were 12 lovely candidates that night and of course only one brought home the coveted title, MISS LADYBOY MASQUERADE 2015, and two stood as worthy runners-up. Besides the winners, I think there were several dogged challengers too staking their claim for the title.

The night started with the contestants festively wearing elegant masks or character adaptations. This was called the MASQUERADE category, were each interpretation was shown in the design of their fantastic costumes. When I say interpretation and design, I mean that these were all very elaborate, intricate and exquisitely made costumes. See for yourself while holding your breath!
(Photo courtesy of Joel Ryder Photography Facebook Page)
The last contestant left the stage and the energetic hostess introduced the intermission show to keep the crowd  lively while waiting for the beautiful candidates to come back on. Would you agree?

They were soon back with a tune in their head which goes this way, "Hey sexy lady, I like your flow. Your body's bangin', out of control..." Can you now guess what was the next category? I will give you more inklings as this was the opportunity to boast and show-off of flat tummies, sexy booties and elongated limbs. It's the SWIMSUIT category; which everyone anticipated and just loved watching.
(Photos courtesy of Patcharaphol Pongvijit)

The hostess came back on stage and you could still hear the gasped admiration for the sexylicious contestants. That is why, most of their admirers rushed to the bar to replinish their drinks (LOL!).
(Photos courtesy of Patcharaphol Pongvijit)

The spotlight was turned on again and the appearance of glamorous women in their floor-length flowy gowns started. They were introduced one-by-one as you can see, their evening gowns were as attractive as their masquerade costumes. Bright colours, glistening effects, elegantly designed and mouthwatering styles.
(Photo courtesy of Joel Ryder Photography Facebook Page)
The contestants walked on stage one-by-one in their evening gowns. They were then all called to gather and face once again the high spirited crowd as well as the impartial jury. All were understandably nervous but still very composed, as this was the moment when the runners-up were announced and would stand beside the title holder. AND THE TITLE HOLDER WAS...
(2nd runner up; Miss Wawa Mismosil; Miss Alessandra Mae and photo courtesy of Joel Ryder Photography Facebook Page)
We all know for a fact that in every contest we join in life there is only 1 winner; the rest will accept the defeat and value the experience gained. Aside from that, the inevitable gaffes while under the spotlight can be exciting in a funny sort of way and it makes the whole evening more interesting too.

In my own humble opinion, they were all WINNERS as walking in very challenging high-heels for hours isn't effortlessly painless!

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by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

I am not mainly looking for clothes and shoes on the web as I am also interested to good quality computer accessories.

Last week, I was slightly busy comparing prices for a particular computer accessory. It wasn’t a big deal nor a tiring task for me as I was just visiting each computer store's website. At the end of my speculation, really caught my attention and even ordered from them a cobalt blue gel soft mouse pad mat with wrist rest silicone. It wasn’t in my plan to buy the accessory that day but my old mouse pad was near to its retirement stage. Aside from that, I am very curios to see if it really is beneficial to my wrist.

While I was comparing prices last Monday, I also read a few comments from past buyers. All of them had similar positive points of view and recommended them highly to intending buyers. According to their comments, 'mouse gel pad with wrist rest silicone is designed for ease of motion and relief of stress and is also therapeutic as it reduces pressure point in the wrist'.

I think what they want to imply is; it is more relaxing for our right or left hand to scroll the mouse while surfing on the web. The bottom surface of the mouse pad is made from polyurethane non-slip base that keeps it from sliding on the desk.

I truly appreciated the buyers good reviews as they were very helpful!


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

When the internet was introduced, I and my closest friends were quite novices. I can still remember our reactions when a message appeared on the screen or a popping sound called our attention. The how to do it and what to press frightened us most of the times. You may find it ridiculous but for us those days were part of learning what's new on the market. Learning the web for a week was very amusing as we were like humanoids who followed instructions word for word. I would THANK Ema Lumagod for imparting her knowledge onto us.

Nowadays, I am reaping the good benefits but still continuously embracing more of the web's brilliant ideas. One of many applications on the web that I have been using for years is called, picture editor. It's a basic image editing application even used by professionals just to enhance a picture at no cost. It is true to say that editing has lots of options to choose from. Ready to be used in enhancing an image, but still primary options are on top of my list. Such as crop, to get rid-off unwanted image(s); add text, to write my title/trademark (JUST MISS VICKY/ VICTORIA) when 'VICKY' as my signature is not visible in a picture and also, special effects, to make it resilient and colourful. I am enjoying using all of the primary options above and here are a few of my creations:

 (BLEND images)


I just discovered from years of using photo editing that altering one's face or adapting another body to make you look better is no longer enhancement. In my opinion, it is a way of inflicting pain in you even without noticing it. Why? Over-refinement, specifically, will not make you beautiful per se as it falsifies who you are!


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

I am planning to climb a mountain located in Porthmadog. A small coastal town and community in Wales known locally as 'Port'.

This mountain in Porthmadog has an intriguing and conspicuous colour (vermilion); a combination of red and orange. The colour of its soil is one of the reasons why I am very eager to climb the mountain and not just to wander around the town and know more of its history.

I dont have the must-have climbing gears yet but looking forward to step on its soil in the near future. As they say, 'Health is Wealth' and in particular, climbing is a form of exercise which improves cardiovascular fitness, muscle tones and fights stress.

Wanna join guys?


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

“London bridge is falling down, falling down...”

This is one of the famous nursery rhymes memorized and still sang by children at school or on the street in the Republic of the Philippines. The rhyme is certainly a fictional product of a composer's mind and is of no veracity (as it was in fact, burnt-down).

I saw, stepped and walked on it when headed to the City of London on my very first journey to England. The bridge is a well-built and robust man-made infrastructure that has withstood the test of time. From when it was built of wood by the Romans around 50 A.D. until now. Today, it is a superstructure made of prestressed concrete box girders.

It has always been one of the most useful bridges and has a total length of 928 feet. It connects the City of London on the north and the Borough of Southwark over on the south side of the River Thames. It is also a historical landmark visited by the locals and tourists who find it fascinating. Especially as from the middle of the bridge looking eastward there is a striking view of both the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.

In 2004, various bridges in London were furnished with red lighting as part of a night-time flight along the river by wartime aircraft. In connection to that, the bridge was the one not subsequently stripped of the illuminations; which are switched on at night.


What a sunny day. It was and it is indeed!

Croydon is a major commercial centre in South London and and is one of the major metropolitan centres identified in the new Strategic Planning by the Greater London Authority.

The town has a centre , which is an attraction for people and is travel either by a public transportation or a private vehicle. If you travel by car, a pay & display area is designated in the place and it is a must to pay for a time-monitored ticket. If you don't want to receive a penalty-noticed and force to pay the fine indicated on it!

The town centre has two known and visited areas, the High Street and the Public Market...

The HIGH STREET has buildings & descent-sized units occupied by corporate mall owners and independent proprietors; benches are made for weary people to sit & relax or to wait for their family and friends; trees and birds are of great help in adding green life to the entire environment.

Most people spent their time by entering malls and stores. These are shoppers! Clearance or reduced items are treat to one’s swipe, however, there is a need to rummage each clothes rack for the possible sizes and styles! Fast foods, restaurants and pubs are just around the corner for the needy, hungry stomach.

Walking from one corner to another enable to enter another shop/store in the building is not a problem at all. Mostly are linked and are provided with an electronic monitored portal to enter another shop easily. It is considered a mixed town, you will encounter people in the centre of different nationalities, traits and aura that go for a walk or a shopping. There are lots of things to do and enjoy when you step-on the ground of the town center itself!

Aside from the High Street that has buildings, which provide/sell shoes, clothes etc.,PUBLIC MARKET is another visited area too. It is nearby the central library and is like a compound where independent vendors sell freshly-harvested fruits, vegetables for cooking ingredients, household materials, clothes and shoes at very reasonable and affordable prices.

I had a delightful time in the centre, as each complexion is not considered a fang to one’s eye that is to be frightened for!


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

England is one of the countries that constitute the United Kingdom. It is known as being one of the  most amazing and lucrative tourist attractions in the world. Located just opposite the Houses of Parliament on the south bank of the River Thames is Jubilee Gardens, home of The London Eye.

It was erected on the 31st of December 1999 and was opened to the public in March 2000. The Eye is constructed in such a way as to offer tourists and the locals  the opportunity to see the panoramic beauty of the capital from up above while rotating. There are 32 sealed and air-conditioned passenger capsules that circulate; one revolution lasts for 30 minutes. Ticket prices are set according to age group.

If you are a tourist and would like to experience the elation up above, The Eye is waiting for you. It is highly recommended to check online if you are planning  a ride, as it is often sold-out several days in advance.

Enjoy the 30 minutes revolution and have a delightful day with your loved-ones.

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