Thursday, 24 December 2015


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

It is not being finicky!

The used of household or dishwashing gloves at home are not commonly used in most Asian countries. The good and bad effects haven't given much attention and talked about by residents. Their bare hands are exposed and soaked to chemical products when cleaning and rinsing the plates and cutlery. In other words, there is a higher possibility of skin damages, allergies and clamminess which concerns the gross motor skills.

Household gloves are easy to use garments and are excellent protection when using hot water for cleaning and polishing too. The material used in making it waterproof is latex (a form of rubber) with a cotton lining providing smoothness when use. Practically speaking, the durability and flexibility of the gloves allow us to hold and manipulate the tasks at home easier and effectively.

In general, it is a useful and supportive material which will guard our bare hands for what it should not touch especially this Christmas.

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