Friday, 11 December 2015


by:  MisS VictoriA DaviD

Most of the things I acquired in life are not just well kept but also very protected in order to prolong their newness. This is my own and unique yet handy way of demonstrating my care and my gratefulness. 

When I recently purchased my Fujifilm compact digital camera, I also looked on the web for a good quality camera case at a reasonable price. It must be well-proportioned, more or less, to the dimension of the camera in order to shield from unexpected scratches. In fact, I visited the website where I bought my camera and they had one that caught my eyes. Unfortunately, it was already sold out either online or at their respective stores and also, there was no specific date of availability. 

It was a sad moment as I was looking forward in using the voucher given to me after purchasing my Fujifilm compact digital camera from them. I am a patient woman so, I gave it a few more days but within that length of time I was also searching around. Also, I found a few cases and bags online and on the high streets too but they lacked something, which made me reluctant to buy. In my opinion, it is better to buy the one you really like rather than buy on impulse and then getting the second best for yourself. Surprisingly, after 2 days of waiting Argos still had no stocks available yet or who knows, no more to come. Oh wow, it was really taking so long for them to replenish their shelves.

I was chatting to Ash about the camera case and all of a sudden, he suggested an unknown technology store on the web. He even highlighted in our conversation how inexpensive and satisfactory the products are. So, I gave it a try and was stunned to find that they had my preferred camera bag. Specifically, it was available and the asking price was lower than the Argos website. What a bargain again!

Even though I was tempted, I still didn’t purchase it right away as I just didn’t want to fall into a snare. So, I navigated their website and found their chat and email support teams who would answered my queries and concerns. I chatted to a representative who gave me peace of mind about what to do if I am not satisfied with my order. A few minutes after our conversation, I placed my order regarding the Hama Fancy Funny Compact Camera Case in Pink and it was delivered free via royal mail within 2-3 working days.

This stylish camera bag was from with an eye-catchy pink shade and a superb quality leather-look. It was also designed with fleece lining inside with an extra compartment for SD memory card and a neatly sewed padded finish outside to protect from any knocks or bumps. Aside from that, it had a stainless steel mountain climbing holder-key which can be easily attached and a belt loop which allows you to have your camera at easy reach.

I bought this 20 grams camera bag as a speculation and the end result was, I was very satisfied. Actually, I am also highly recommending the to all of you and who knows they may have what you are looking for too?

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