Wednesday, 23 December 2015


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

It's not just their very filling breakfast that attracts me to go there during the week. Their easy to assemble and transport items called flat pack are of good value too.

IKEA is a home products retailer and supplies many items we need for our home at affordable prices. For example, cottony toys and colourful stuff for children's rooms; quality made furniture for the living room, kitchen and master's bedroom are available with lots of choices.

In my humble opinion, IKEA's products are designed and offered to provide us with the things we desire in improving the ambiance of our humble abode. Every time I visit IKEA, I never fail to find items to buy and bring to the house. The last time I was there and after enjoying their very affordable family breakfast, I purchased two of their offers.

One is a laundry product called LajBan Drying Rack that can hold up to 25 items of clothing. It's easy to assemble and has two fold-out wings that are detachable. Most of all, we only paid £6.99 for this easy to set-up drying rack. Isn't it really an amazing offer?

The second one is called Brada Laptop Support which fits all laptops measuring up to 17 inches. It has a flat surface for ventilation and a retaining edge to keep the laptop in place all the time. There is also a rubber strip which prevents the laptop support from sliding on your lap or working desk. Moreover, it gives good health benefits as it improves sitting posture when surfing on the web and its easier to type messages as well. 

Honestly speaking, I was very reluctant about their usefulness on the day I purchased them and even compared at the back of my mind to the products I knew already.

I thought helix structure towel rack is better than LajBan drying rack. Why? I assumed that it provides more space and dries clothes even faster. But at the end, both function the same. Aside from the drying racks, I also thought that cooling pad is better than our green laptop support because of its functionality in reducing the laptop's operating temperature when in use. Again, Brada Laptop Support proves to be better and cheaper too!

Each item has its own uniqueness but both have proven to be money well spent and are made from finest materials. I am grateful that I bought these items even though it wasn’t in my plans!

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