Friday, 11 December 2015


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

The combination of sun, rain and wind is just the typical weather you'd expect in September. It will either bring great annoyance or make you smile.

The sun was still shining but rain drops were already gently sprinkling down when we stepped-out of our room. We already agreed to just walk to the venue but because of the rain we called a black cab in order to save our outfits from being ruined. Just a few minutes later we had snaked through the street of London and we reached our destination at The Mango Tree Restaurant on Grosvenor Place.

The red carpet had been rolled out and at the very end, we could see an attractive canvas display panel with the restaurant's name printed on it in mango orange. Unfortunately, the heavy rain stopped us from walking on the carpet and from taking any photos in front of the display board. Instead, we rushed to the main entrance of the restaurant and were welcomed by muscular security guards.

The venue was already heaving with people and we had to queue but not for too long and soon reached the reception counter. We paid and our wrists were stamped. Before we finally mingled into the body of the crowd, I handed over our coats to the friendly and cheerful staff. Inevitably, I looked around inquisitively and soon saw lots of familiar faces. We pushed through the safari jungle while tasting their complimentary canapés.

Before the show started I had a few glasses of wine and felt friendlier and chatty with the people I know and those I had just stumbled upon. As far as I can remember, I was very approachable and generally complementary to most of them.

The first part of the pageant was the SAFARI JUNGLE COSTUME. Candidates were asked to show their creative understanding of the theme. Most of their attires were made from scratch, RTW (ready-to-wear) or a combination of both. Before they paraded on stage, I had the chance to take a few photos of some of them.

The general ambiance was very bright and bustling while the candidates, men and women, showed-off on stage. Genuinely speaking, it was one of the most unique and appealing events I had attended. It wasn’t the typical costume display in which you just remain seated for the entire show. To be more specific, most of us were standing and moving around which was very free without disturbing other people. It had the feel of a cocktail party and in my opinion is a more convenient way of making the guests feel pretty comfortable.

They all walked back to the dressing room and changed for the SWIMWEAR competition. This was the sensational part as it was an exhibition of who had the most voluptuous and virile bodies behind their clothes. Was I excited to see both men and women? Yes I was as a spectator! But was I giggling like biting my lips when I saw the men? No I wasn't as my loving man was with me who had most of my attention that night!

The intoxicating screams and giggles were put to an end when the contenders headed back to the dressing room again. There was an intermission number in between that boosted the crowd while they all prepared for the penultimate part of the pageant, the wearing of ornate (women) and rouse (men) FORMAL DRESSES.

One by one they came out and flaunted their formal dresses on stage in front of the sprightly audience. The exquisite gowns of the women was the glamorous part while men, on the other hand, inflamed us with oozing stimulation.

We all got carried away and that intensified how they looked on stage especially the men's hunky bodies. Am I right?

The ultimate part of the pageant was the QUESTION and ANSWER, which helped in finalising who were the winners of the 10th Annual Mango Tree pageant. This was simultaneously given during the formal dresses procession. I feel this is an important part of the pageant as it balances Beauty and Intelligence.

The unanimously declared Mango Tree's MR. and MISS MANGO TREE 2013 as well as the RUNNER-UPS by the jury (Daniel Lismore, Ashley Rogers, past Miss Mango Tree winners and Cliff Joannou) are the following:

MISS MANGO TREE 2013, Miss Valerie from Germany
1st runner-up, Miss Anna Mae from Spain
2nd runner-up, Miss Venus from Columbia
The Best Body, Miss Jeda from Thailand

MR. MANGO TREE 2103, Mr. Anthony from Switzerland
1st runner-up, Mr. Romario from Brazil
2nd runner-up, Mr. Tom from UK
The Best Body, Mr. Romario from Brazil

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