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I bullied him once when we were in high school... We went to the same University in General Santos City, Philippines and became best of friends... Today and tomorrow, he is and will always be my trusted, one of a kind bestfriend.

The memoir below was written by Peter Jones Dela Cruz and I am honored to have him featured here on my blog.

The Writer that Lives in Me

I have been a content writer working home-based for an outsourcing company for a year—something I consider a professional writing career. 

Early last year, I was introduced by a friend into the business process outsourcing world and at that time I had no idea what the job was all about. I applied for a position that says writing web content pieces—sounded good to me. In other words, I went on with the application and tried my luck, went through the training and had trouble getting on with the link building stuff. Now I’m being honest here. I got to say that the link building stuff did drive me a bit crazy, as I am really not into the technicalities of website promotions.

I pursued article writing career. I only have about a year of web content writing experience, in the professional sense, but I have been writing articles since high-school, during which I was a part of a school publication as a science page writer. I also sort of did the same thing back in college, doing science articles for the college publication.

I am a graduate of Education, so I’m supposed to be teaching kids in private or public schools. I guess I WAS supposed to be teaching. But people like me feel the need of exploring the different facets of their person. I believe there is more to me than being in academic institutions; that I can be in a place where people--holding the same college degree as I am--most probably would not go. 

This is actually a period when I am exploring myself and my abilities outside the academicians’ realm. Along the way I am able to prove that this venture is exciting and that it brings a different side of me into the arena. I never thought that I would be able to make use of my writing skill and actually earn from it. But it’s happening. I’m here, getting on with it.

Writing to me is more than a skill though. It requires talent and passion. I think all of us are writers. But not all of us will end up actually pursuing a career in writing.

My current job prompts me to write about anything—topics ranging from tinnitus to accountants. I have visited fields I had no prior knowledge of. It can be daunting but interesting. I learn new things. I learn to write with confidence and, sometimes, conviction. 

I think I am unique. I think nobody writes like I do—and anybody else can actually say this line. Like any artist, who puts their spirit in whatever they do, I write with passion. And being an art-lover myself, I view writing as an art no less.

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