Wednesday, 16 December 2015


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

We planned a get together and I delayed it for a week. But last Sunday (December 8) we met- up and travelled to a few touristy places in Central London.

Ladies and gentlemen meet my beautiful and kind-hearted sisters, Tina and Jence.
Tina and Jence
Tina and I are just a few streets away while Jence on the other hand, lives approximately 20 minutes away from Victoria Station by bus. So, days before our get together we all had agreed to use Victoria Station as rendezvous.
Tina and Vicky
Last Sunday complete with out warm and snug clothing, Tina and I travelled together on a cold yet sunny day. Just 30 minutes on the train and we arrived at the vast Terminus of Victoria Station. But there was no single trace of Jence. We called her mobile and after 10 minutes of waiting, she appeared in front of us. That was quick of her!

We were reunited and we made our way through the busy Station with smiles on our faces...
Jence, Tina and Vicky
Our first destination was Hyde Park where we explored London’s largest and most dazzling winter event called Winter Wonderland. I was flabbergasted how packed the queue was at the main entrance and also how very slow the queue moved, it was like being in a funeral procession. After being squeezed, we were welcomed by a bazaar that sells home-made jewellery, food and household stuff, winter accessories and a lot more. We didn’t buy anything as we were not sure if there products/items were worth the money. Instead, we continued walking until family friendly and ultra extreme rides were revealed in our sights.

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We were hungry after the exploration, so we decided to leave behind Winter Wonderland's delights.

It was already getting dark as we walked through the park, eventually ending up at Brompton road where the world's most famous luxury department store is situated, HARRODS. We took a few pictures, then tired and hungry we jumped on a bus going to Earl's Court.

Suddenly we got anxious on the bus as we were thinking that we had already passed Earl's Court. We look outside the window and when we saw the glistening name of Earl's Court from afar, our agitation vanished. The journey on the bus took ages but I preferred it more than being trapped in a dungeon atmosphere of the underground. At long last we arrived, we walked two blocks more before reaching the Sunrise Cafe & Restaurant. A Filipino restaurant that offered Eat-All-You Can in a buffet style for only £8.50. I have to say that their Filipino delicacies filled our hungry stomachs and even, cured my cravings for the food I know and love from home.

After our feast at the warm and welcoming Sunrise Cafe we went to our last destination, Piccadilly circus. We explored Leicester Square first where we walked down the street and took humorous pictures of ourselves and a few retail buildings. After our fun, we stopped at the nearest Mcdonald's which was opposite M&M's. A chocolate company originated in the USA in 1941 and famous for its colourful button-shaped candies with variety of fillings.

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Our energies were falling and we just all want to go back home. However, we mustered deep reserves and decided to track down Soho as it wasn’t that far from where we were. We walked and sauntered around Soho hoping to see sexy shows but alas they were all behind closed doors! NO, we were not there for that, we only wished to absorb the atmosphere of Soho at night. Honestly speaking, we found nothing but several eerie alleyways.

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