Wednesday, 16 December 2015


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

His hands can grow varieties of flowers and plants. His determination as a nature lover has been proven and can be seen through his masterpieces. His garden is one, a creation to which he combined determination and passion. I can say that Sokphal (SP) Din is a man with efficiency and optimism.

Every visit made to SP's mansion was worth the 1 hour driving. Aside from the fact that he is an incredibly charming and attentive person. His good character pleased me and his ability/ gift to grow colourful flowers and strong plants amazed me. The ambiance I felt in his heavenly garden was like experiencing wilderness again. What I mean is, a personalised garden where I saw wild bees and small birds basking around. Every time I visited his garden I was always in deep thoughts, on how he preserved the colourful condition and also, on how he maintained the healthy growth in his garden.

I  have observed that SP didn’t just sow the seeds and leave it to grow afterwards. His wonderful creation caught my eyes and also, he had given me inspiration to make my own. The care and affection he gave to the needs of his flowers and plants are truly exceptional!

*PHOTOS Courtesy of SP

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