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by:  MisS VictoriA DaviD

This was a Sponsored Post written by me and published on April 08, 2010. Time flies so fast and I enjoyed writing the essay below.

The stylish look and design of a car will charm people. The sophisticated quality accessories are a treat to all owners. And the smooth purr of the engine means a stable ride and the top-notch engineering provides reassurance as far as safety goes. These are the features and benefits of today's new cars!

Sleek, elegant with high performance levels!

Are you talking about the new FIAT 500 car? Yes indeed, you really got it right!

The FIAT 500 is one of the current models offered by the company that is famous for unique Italian design, innovative technologies and great value for money. It is one of the most highly specified models on the road that feels safe and comfortable to drive. And it is equipped with many fantastic and guaranteed accessories which are tailored, such as mats, mudflaps, spoilers, mirror covers, kick plates and key covers.

Buying the new FIAT 500 is a perfect choice for you as it is packed with quality innovations.

One quality innovation is fuel efficiency. The engines will keep you going on the road as they are lean, mean and frugal. The engine's performance level is light and responsive that is reassuring when driving around. And is Mother Earth friendly, that meets the strict CO2 emissions (Euro 4 Emission Standard) requirement.

This car is not just good economically, but gives amazing performance levels and you can choose from: the 1.2 and 1.4 fire petrol or the 1.3 multijet diesel. All will give you a smooth and enjoyable ride.

This is not just an average small car, as it moves like a giant on the road that scores an impressive 5 Euro NCAP stars during the safety test performance. And it is geared with seven of the latest technology airbags to secure you and your passengers.

But the clincher must be the incredible design! Go and compare the looks of other similar models and you will be convinced that there is no competition. For the new FIAT 500 is in a design class of its own.

The modern remix style of the FIAT 500 can be personalised as you can have 12 colours to choose from and even your own choice of SkyDome roof.

Don't tire yourself booking for a few test drives as the new FIAT 500 is today's car!

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