Tuesday, 8 December 2015


by:  MisS VictoriA DaviD

Almost 11 P.M...

The wild condition of the wind outside had already calmed and settled down while most streets became taciturn and dull. This was the tune of the surroundings when we stepped-out of our room and walked to The WayOut Club. But that night, it wasn’t at Crosswall!

That night, the quietness of the streets emphasized the clicking sound of my heels. It was an ear-popping sound which bounced off the walls of buildings as we passed. Each alley was cloaked in silence, enough for me to feel a little anxious. However, the street lamps as well as the other clubbers gave us a feeling of safety.

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We were almost there at the new location and could even see outside the club the resplendent lights and the colourful six foot notice board printed on canvas. We were like fireflies attracted and charmed by its glimmering portal. The new venue was called 2AD at 2 Crutched Friars, EC3N 2HT and it was at the centre of a modern low-rised building.

We entered the hallway which led us to an elevated reception area. And after paying the entrance fee, a changing room and cloakroom on the right side was visible and just waiting to be used by excited customers. It was literally a changing room especially allocated for those who want to use all their skills to make themselves even more beautiful before dashing and showing themselves on the dance floor.

We moved ahead and down a wooden staircases with a landing half way. This guided us to the underground level where we found the main venue and dance floor. At the end of the staircase, we saw a wooden cushioned sofa with a framed rectangular mirror above it and next to it was Miss Vicky Lee with a table bursting with glasses of champagne. We were greeted by her and offered a free glass of sparkling wine before entering the doorway going to the main venue. The first thing we encountered was the bar, which was already taking orders from customers.

We sat on one of their sofas and the club was very loose and relaxed. And if I'm not mistaken, there were more than 20 people at that time including us who were enjoying and observing each other.

I was new to the place and naturally, very curious. That is why, I nosed around and found out that the dance floor and the stage was placed at the far end of the room and had two types of built-in seats. To be more specific, the dance floor was on the left side of the bar and away from the other 4 sets of sofas near the doorway. I even checked the ladies toilet and was surprised to discover the extra feature inside. A huge set of wall fitted mirrors, commonly used and found in most gyms, were on the left side. Most useful and welcome for all glamorous and conscious women who love checking their selves from time to time. Actually, I was one of those women who found the mirror alluring after flushing the loo!

I went back to my seat and in less than 30 minutes, customers were arriving in flocks; some just individuals and others in boisterous groups. And that was also the time I recognized familiar faces. Amongst them was Vany Lacsamana who looked stunning in her cream coloured midi vest body con dress; approachable Isabelle Cortez who was sophisticated in her all black outfit and Jill Del Valle who wore an orange one shoulder, above - the - knee dress which made her skin tone more vibrant. Alongside were Maria Alma Mae Conde who was luminous in her Miss Sixty stripe body con mini dress.

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It didn’t end with them only as another group of lovely women appeared just before the club was becoming more crowded. Namely, Samantha Jade who looked foxy and seductive in her fringe; the modest and demure AJ Mendoza; the amusing Liandra Gandara who looked sexy in her white skinny jeans; the colourful Miss Mitchsimone Thomas who greeted me with an amiable smile and the assertive Miss Abby Tolentino.

When the clock was heading to the wee small hours, guest performers such as Miss Dee Chanelle, Alexis Mendoza and Silver Summers started to energise the dance floor. With what? Nothing else but with their own versions of reinvigorating boogie songs. They were great singers with charming voices who insisted that the crowd would sing and dance with them, while belting out on stage. All I can say was, they controlled and rocked the dance floor!

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While everybody was still perky and at their height of excitement on the dance floor, we decided to go outside for a breath of fresh air. Standing in front of the building we felt the cold early morning breeze on our skin. While we were still there, I noticed by chance that the lights from the club irradiated the dark street. The silence was broken by the chatting from other customers which disturbed the tranquillity.

We couldn't stand the cold any longer and that's the time we decided to go back downstairs to warm ourselves again. And after almost 30 minutes of enjoying to the fullest the ambiance downstairs, Ash and I went back home with big smiles on our faces.

Aside from having a great night at The WayOut Club, I loved also the new venue's arrangement of the dance floor and the centre stage. They may not be at the centre like at Crosswall but as positioned, it gave all of us who stayed mostly in front of the bar a good chance to talk without the need to maximizing our voices. The guest singers could perform making all those on the dance floor lively and active, but also we could enjoy a conversation. Which is, in my opinion, like staying in a bar or restaurant with buoyant background musics being played.

I honestly had an ecstatic time and was very pleased we planned our visit to The WayOut Club's new venue.

*All Photographs Courtesy of Ricky Dixon

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