Monday, 21 December 2015


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

I don’t usually go out with people unless they have gained my trust or when I feel safe being with them. So, when I say 'sister' like I do with Tina and Jence, it's a sign that I am welcoming you into my life and valuing you more rather than just an ordinary acquaintance.

Last Sunday (January 08, 2012) when Tina and I were both free from our responsibilities, we went to an ethnically mixed district in South London, Tooting. Prior to Tooting, we strolled round Sutton High Street and warmed ourselves with a cup of luscious cappuccino in a local Italian cafe.

We visited the High Street not just for the foaming coffee; we were there mainly to meet Maria Fe. A jolly and light spirited woman whom I encountered and chatted with last year at Tina's birthday party. Our meeting was filled with silly jokes which we really all enjoyed up to the max. I have to say that it was very pleasant being with her again.

(Tina, Vicky and Jence)
I really thought that we would just meet Maria Fe and leave here somewhere in Sutton. But I'm happy to say, she traveled with us to Totting as our sister Jence was working there, even on Sunday. We walked further down the high street until we reached Sutton Green (A) bus station where we got the Bus 280 that took us to Tooting. And after about 40 minutes on a double decker bus, we arrived at Fountain Road. Our destination was Kusinang Munti which was only 3 blocks away. Before we filled our hungry stomachs at Kusinang Munti, we visited our sister Jence at her workplace which is close by. She supervises a Filipino Sari Sari Store. So, the sisters were reunited again after our last escapade on December 08, 2011. Jence was a bit surprise when she saw us but she still welcomed us with her bright smile. That is what I like about Jence, her smile was genuine! As she hasn't encountered Maria Fe before, naturally we introduced them to one another. And while they were all chatting, I checked the commodities in the shop and was very surprised to see that their goods as well as the prices were similar to those at Wing Yip, a Chinese supermarket in Croydon.

(Maria Fe, Vicky and Tina)
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