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The happy personalities and good companionship of most Filipinos who work and live abroad are well-appreciated and commended on, not just by fellow countrymen but also by different nationalities who have personally known and genuinely trusted them.

Filipino communities abroad are in many places and are created for humanitarian purposes. They serve like an institution which delivers information about what's happening back home and also, offers support to all who need guidance/assistance while living abroad. Moreover, they also help in organizing particular gatherings/ special events and also, by disseminating information to attract more people who become part of the event.

On the 30th of March this year, a show of beautiful women organised by Catherine Casinto-Poole will take place in West London. The main purpose of the pageant is not just to showcase the beauty of the charming candidates on stage, it is also an event with a cause. What I mean is, it will be a good moment for us all in the United Kingdom to share and participate. The proceeds of this charitable event will benefit the underprivileged children and community in the Northern part of the Philippines. 

Weeks before the month of March, the organiser and her associates published an advertisement on Facebook. A leaflet stating that they were looking for interested applicants who will join the competition for MS. TS PHILIPPINES-U.K. 2013. Consequently, days after the public announcement they were inundated by glamorous and fresh looking women who were serious to commit and become part of the procession and show of beauty. 

On the 16th of February, the interviewing of interested applications for Ms. TS Philippines-U.K. 2013 was put to an end. Also on that day, photo shoots, pictorials and a video teaser for the candidates were made, and published on their Facebook page. They were produced with the help of GL Productions Ltd. creative hands and the people behind the fundraising event. 

Catherince and her associates are very serious about making the event happen smoothly. That's why, all candidates are obliged to attend and participate during rehearsal days. Actually, they have been practicing for 2 consecutive weekends this month and are still having one ultimate practice on the day before the pageant night. It is the best way of embedding, in the candidates' minds, their individual projection and group performance while on stage. In particular, when and how long they will appear on stage as well as where they will place themselves in every category. 

Moreover, these fastidious preparations are headed and monitored by Althea, Jean Leonida Alanis, Cath and Angelica Caye Casinto. They have been offering their unconditional time and effort in order to secure a successful event. Aside from perfecting the candidates’ performance, another admirable benefit is that candidates become a little closer to each other and begin to treat all as one huge extended family. 

In less than 3 days from now the candidates for Ms. TS Philippines-U.K. 2013 will be exciting the eyes of ticket holders. They will entertain the audience with their talents and catwalk performance while flaunting colourful costumes as well as wearing sparkling gowns. More importantly, the coveted title with its prestige and the enthronement will only be given to the deserving lady after being judged impartially during the Question and Answer portion.

If you want to see the candidates below and also, become part of this charitable event on the 30th of March which will be held at 

Kensal Community Hall 
177 Kensal Road 
North Kensington, London 
W10 5BJ
 from 17:30 to 23:00

better reserve or buy your tickets beforehand! 

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 *Photos courtesy of Search for Ms.TS-Philippines UK Facebook Page

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