Saturday, 30 January 2016


The front windows of the flat are facing the high street and they serve like a mega big screen. It provides scenes that happen naturally in real time. This not a television channel provided by a network but the characters I see are real locals and tourists (as the airport bus stops in our village). 

I have witnessed a few minor accidents and one that was written about in our local newspaper was the intriguing caustic soda incident. It was very controversial as there were big and heavy vehicles from the government that closed the Carshalton, High Street. Aside from that, police officers were deployed who secured the area and advised bystanders not to loiter around. 

The scenes change everyday and there are always interesting people that are worth admiring while they walk together. I am talking about the sisters, who will stop and sit down on a bench to feel the glory of God's sunshine in Spring and Summer.

Birds of the same feathers, walking around together! 

Two elderly women walking on our High Street who go out with their grocery bags and dressed identically as the colours are very much alike. They appear like twin sisters to the villagers who are showing eagerness to go out and mingle with the locals. Oldies but proven to be strong and energetic as they spend a few hours wandering around and visiting their favourite restaurant. 

Their strength and determination in life is an inspiration to people like us, who are still young and crisp in this world. 

The pictures are roughly 5 year old and sadly, I haven't seen the twin sisters for almost 3 years to date.

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