Saturday, 2 January 2016


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

I went-out yesterday going to Central London; visited an exhibition hub and a few touristy places...

It took me 30 minutes by train from Victoria Underground before reaching to my first destination, Earl's Court. I walked for a few minutes upon arrival before I found my way to IDEAL HOME Centre. Ideal Home show is Britain's best loved home event that brings together more than 600 quality exhibitors from all over the UK to offer a unique shopping experience.

I handed over my printed ticket to a security personnel and a portal welcomed me going to all areas of the home including ideal Interiors sponsored by DULUX, ideal Home Improvements, ideal Gardens sponsored by Hydropool Hot Tubs and ideal Gadgets. I spent less than an hour exploring the ground floor in which one of the attractions was a luxurious restaurant over a flowing water. Afterwards, I explored the first floor where I found myself squeeze because of the less moving crowd (over populated hub). The floor greeted me with ideal Food, Housewares, ideal Shopping and ideal woman which included a stunning catwalk of trendy clothes for the coming seasons. My expectations were quite satisfied and after 90 minutes of mingling in the crowd, I went to HYDE PARK, The Lancaster Gate Entrance, for my picnic lunch.

Hyde Park is a marvellous and irenic place I've ever visited in England. A public place for people comprises of a pavilion; 4 big alike swimming pools with running fountains; a small one at the centre too and a custom-curved fountain stands before a passive river. I did not just eat as I also managed to savour the skin-friendly rays of the sunshine together with the locals. I walked afterwards heading to MARBLE ARCH.

I walked rather than taking a bus going to MARBLE ARCH. While on the way, I encountered healthy horses with their masters and also fit joggers. In just 25 minutes, I reached the crowded Marble Arch. A shopping area in Central London where you can find the biggest PRIMARK; the expensive SELFRIDGES and the home for famous designers' shops.

On the way back home I stopped at THE EMBANKMENT. I sat on one of the benches and enjoyed the happy faces of tourists enjoying boat ride. The River Thames and the FAMOUS LONDON EYE are two of the incentives provided while staying within The Embankment.
*This was written 4 years ago

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