Tuesday, 5 January 2016


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD


One important errand in my weekly calendar which is also part of my beauty regimen is to treat intensively my long shiny black hair. I do it at home or shall I say, its the Do It Yourself (D.I.Y) method which is very handy and less pricey.

When I was working as a call centre agent in the Philippines for 5-6 nights a week, from 22:00 until the next day, it was important for me to remain freshly beautiful and well kempt. Actually, being very presentable helped my confidence in gaining and attracting friends, at work and outside the office. That is how, when I was living with my sister's family in Cainta, Rizal for almost 3 years, I met 'Parlorista' (Hair Salon Personnel). They became my closest friends outside of work. More importantly, I learnt a few of the salon secrets they shared with me. These services maintained the silkiness and bounciness of their happy clients' hair. We called it 'Intensive Hair Treatment' which revives the strands of your damaged hair and intensively repairs it to be healthy again. When I was nosing about their salon, they recommended the Watson hair treatment product for me to try and happily, it was very effective! However, when I moved to England it was very burdensome to find Watson products, so I ended up experimenting with a few until I found Dove Hair Therapy.

Dove Hair Therapy's 200ml container is very affordable (providing more savings in my purse) and the beneficial effects are better than the Watson hair treatment wax. Unbelievable, but in just 30 minutes of leaving it on your hair and rinsing afterwards, you will notice the satisfying difference and result. Try it for yourself and see if you agree!

I do the treatment all by myself and always appreciates the glossy, shiny quality outcome of my long black hair. The fragrance is an extra element when your hair is completely dry which will be appreciated by your friends and it's also good for the snouts of your lovers. I'm giggling... LOL!

My silky locks is my crown and I'm very proud in maintaining its brilliant appearance all by myself (I will because I can!).

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