Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Isn’t it a dreadful feeling to see someone in pain and all we can do is simper onto him as we don't know how to initiate the first aid treatment?

If you don't have knowledge to relieve someone's attack, it is a good idea to call the hotline number of the paramedics. This is the use of your phone and staying beside the casualty until the experts arrive.

What if, you know the basic of first aid treatment? It is a way of saving someone's life and relieving his pain for a moment while waiting for the ambulance. In return, it is a very rewarding feeling that you saved someone's grim.

If someone in your family or a casualty is suffering from a HEART ATTACK, this is the basic mortality saving procedure you can apply:
  1. Make the casualty as comfortable as possible to ease the strain on his heart. A half-sitting position, with the casualty’s head and shoulders well supported and his knees bent, is often best.
  2. Dial 999 for an ambulance. State that you suspect a heart attack. If the casualty asks you to do so, call his own doctor as well.
  3. If the casualty is fully conscious, give him a full-dose (300mg) aspirin tablet to be chewed slowly.
  4. If the casualty has medicine for angina, such as tablets or pump-action or aerosol spray, help him to take it. Encourage the casualty to rest.
  5. Constantly monitor and record vital sign- level of response, pulse and breathing- until help arrives.
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