Thursday, 14 January 2016


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

I changed the colour of my hair in the past and it has continued up until now. Nowadays, it is all about adding a bit of shade or texture to suit my aura. I LOVED IT BEFORE and AM LOVING IT SO MUCH NOW!!! 

Women’s hair is more delicate than men. Most women will hopefully take good care of their hair and treat it as a crowning glory. It varies from types, lengths and volume. Personally speaking, the longer the hair is, the more attention it needs when taking a shower. Am I right, ladies? 

Women may consider the hair salons as the best option to make their hair healthy, shiny and bouncy again. I do agree of course! The hair salon may be the best and wisest choice if you are a very busy woman or have no time for harnessing your creative mind. Realistically speaking, it is not just the hair experts who can only revive your miserable hair as there are a few handy alternatives, too. You just have to read, understand the jargon and experiment with trust in yourself. As they say, NO PAIN, NO GAIN! 

If you are a woman or a man who wants to dye your hair in your own way, follow the steps with a heart: 

1. Choose and buy a hair dye mixture in a drugstore or supermarket. (inside the box: crème colour, crème developer, intensive colour conditioner and a pair of hand gloves)

2. Apply the hair dye mixture (crème colour and crème developer) before you will take a bath (optional). 

3. Prepare a towel for your (wet) hair. 

4. Wash your hair with shampoo and let it stay for two minutes so that it will remove oils, dirt and other contaminant particles once you rinse it. 

5. Rinse your hair. 

6. Cover it with a towel (step 3). 

7. Prior to the application of the hair dye mixture (crème colour and crème developer) make sure that your hair is 75% dry. The main purpose is for the mixture to be more effective, like in a hair salon. 

8. Once it is 75% dry, apply the hair dye mixture (crème colour and crème developer) using a hair brush or the gloves. Before you will mix the two chemicals (crème colour and crème developer) in a particular bowl estimate it according to your hair length. (If you have long hair make sure you will cover your ears before applying it for protection against skin irritation.) 

9. Let it (hair dye mixture) stay for 30- 45 minutes, and use a hair net or a plastic bag to cover your hair before rinsing it thoroughly with water, then, apply the conditioner included in the box and rinse it with water for the final result. After rinsing or bathing, cover it with a new/dry towel. 

It is not a vanity to go to a hair salon, if you think you need it urgently and you can’t do it alone. However a simple hair treatment like this one can be performed in our own place and at our own pace, too!

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