Thursday, 7 January 2016


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

Raising varieties of plants is one of my diversions which brings more colours into my life. It diverts my attention and also helps me to stay away from my laptop, which is very helpful. Once you are on the web and have opened useful interfaces, it will eat you and is very addictive! Would you agree?

In the summer, I planted some colourful flowers in the troughs but their liveliness and adorableness only lasted up to the late autumn. They just couldn't cope with the cold weather during winter season. I didn’t want to be left with empty containers, so I raised five kinds of cypresses in pots which grow vigorously and healthy.

The first cypress I brought was once displayed on the kitchen table but is now place at the back of the house. I didn’t want it to be transferred outside as it has been providing me with a touch of nature's green ambiance. However, because of its vigorous growth, which is now 2 feet tall, I had no choice but to move it to a much more spacious and airy place. The ideal situation is the patio at the back of in which it now joined the other plants already there.

My other two species of cypresses are place in colourful pots and displayed in the kitchen. Both are a good height for indoor plants but soon they will grow like the two outside. I am hoping that they will remain pygmies so that they will stay forever on my window sills. Reality speaking, nature being what it is they will grow up and find themselves in the outside world.

My cypresses which resemble Christmas trees will always remind me of my childhood years. I always wished I would have the chance of rearing even one of them but now, I have five handsome indoor cypresses in my possession. 
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