Tuesday, 26 January 2016


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

A woman's body curve is a man's weakness, perhaps. You can correct me but I know am right!

Women deliver themselves to masses in different ways such as wit or intelligence; sexiness or leanness; modesty or gracefulness; facial gestures etc.

I am not the sexiest woman in the world nor one of them. However, it doesn't connote that I cannot flaunt the beauty that lives inside me. Taking photographs using either my cellular phone or digital camera during my loose days changes my languorous spirit to groovy. My creative persona as a woman emerges whenever a camera is pointing towards me. To be more  specific, the flickering red light; the flashes and my effortless poses give me eagerness to show who really I am behind my attractive face.

You need to have a firm courage to appreciate and adore yourself. Do not be afraid to show your masterpieces as each comment they give, good or bad, provides fortification for you to be sexier and much more beautiful than the rests.

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