Sunday, 17 January 2016


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

Slim yet masculine and sits on a shiny table-top. Its lighter-weight makes it easy to carry and move around and the advanced built-in settings to choose from will impress you.

One of the ways to watch films and programmes on the monitor is to plug into the TV a PC with SCART socket (the most common method of connecting audio-visual equipment together). As it is easy to attach and assemble, I use it from time to time for my  viewing pleasure. What I mean is, I am able to watch on the monitor my downloaded films stored in the external hard drive or Sci-Fi programmes for example, from a laptop.

I had this 42'' TV for years now and have found a few useful applications (information) that I am not even bothered to try. Such as,

It is a wireless LAN ready device. To use the Internet setting of the TV, it needs to have the right USB Wireless LAN Adapter to be connected into the TV's USB port. This Internet network setting will allow us to access the internet without the need of a specialised cable.

Aside from the uses of SCART to watch films or programmes, HDMI (a compact audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data) is an option that can be used for as long as you have the perfect fit cable. Just being honest, I am not bothered to switch!

I paid a few hundred pounds but the money was well spent and I am now benefiting from its superior technology.

SONY BRAVIA's nifty applications charmed myself and made me quite inquisitive also- to dig and know more. One of my lazy days, I was manipulating the TV and found-out that music and pictures saved in a flash drive can be heard and seen on the TV. WOW! That’s why when I hosted a party last year, I converted the monitor onto a digital photo viewer. The images were incredibly large and the visitors were fascinated. Most of them stood in front of the TV while enjoying the slide show of my sequence of amorous and fabulous images!

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