Wednesday, 20 January 2016


I was taking more than 1 up to a maximum of 3... 

Years before 2013, my usual way of suppressing the stubborn growth of hair on my upper and lower lips was to take more than 1 pill of Diannette a day. Yes, you heard me right and I wasn't committing suicide in those years! 
Diannette is a pill/tablet (combined oestrogen and anti-androgen) prescribed by my G.P. (General Practitioner) after I successfully passed and was assessed as being well-balanced. This allowed me to undergo a series of gender assessment test here in the U.K. I was assessed by 3 women who specialised in the field of looking deeply to a person's behaviour, mental health and lifestyle, as a whole. 

Yes, I frequently took a maximum of 3 pills a day which wasn't the best idea at all. I know full well the bad side effects of Diannete and not just its reversible effectiveness. Most of us who have been taking oestrogen and anti-androgen drugs will agree that the long term 'nightmares' aren't what we would wish for. Such as, the cardiovascular risk in which blood clot will develop in a vein, also known as deep vein thrombosis; a blood clot in an artery which causes a stroke or a heart attack; the pulmonary embolism in the lungs and the significant reduction in libido called urogynecological effects. Yes, these are the known notorious side effects (nightmares) for us; before and during metamorphosis as well as after just to maintain the level of effects. More importantly, these were the main reasons why I had to look for the best alternative in achieving vellus hair or reducing the hair growth around my lips. 

I was given advice by my G.P. about the benefits of laser hair removal when she changed my Diannete prescription to a less superior one (oestrogen). Actually, she was very helpful and informative about the long term effects of destroying the hair follicle. However, prior to my G.P.'s appointment I already booked a consultation to see a dermatologist. Personally speaking, my G.P.'s advise augmented my understanding about the treatment in a more scientific way even though the information I read on the web was similar and analogous. 

My first laser hair removal treatment was with the delicate hands of a dermatologist that costed me £60, per session. I didn't mind paying the price as it's the going rate wherever you will go. However, going to the clinic twice a week with embarrassing stubborn facial hair made me very reluctant. Luckily, a few of the staff I befriended shared the good benefits of having a hand-held compact device. It creates an intense pulse which I can use at home and at my own pace. That was a great recommendation indeed as they also have this gadget in their own vanity kit. Instantly, I asked about the price and it was very reasonable. So, I searched it on the web and compared the brand names they've been using until I decided to buy this hair removal cosmetic technology. 

I have been using PHILIPS' COMPACT INTENSED PULSE LIGHT (IPL) for the last 18 months and it was worth every penny. It is a light weight device intended to be used/maneuvered effortlessly on your face, underarms, legs and even pubic hair. Yes, you heard me right and I tried it several times, too. Who knows you will (might) love the intense feeling? Aside from that, it has easy to manipulate functionalities which can be manipulated by your fingers but you must read the manual carefully first! That's because I burnt myself a few times for being impatient and foolish. It's part of the learning process and as they say, "no pain, no gain". If ever you are thinking of buying this handy cosmetic device, I suggest that you buy an Aloe vera plant as well. If in some cases you burn yourself accidentally Aloe vera succulent extracts have active skin treatment properties that are good for rejuvenating, healing, or soothing skin problems. 

For the past 10 months, I intermittently take oestrogen just to suppress the stubborn and most visible hair growth around my lips. Personally speaking, I'm still using this practical and impressive hand-held technology once a week. Yes, only once a week and only to maintain the permanent hair reduction and who knows, it will permanently removed or extinguish hair follicles. What a wishful thinking! 

This Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) procedure was a hit-or-miss method for a few weeks which made me cry, irritated and laugh. Wait, I also burnt myself! My patience and determination have been tested for doing it all by myself in an hour or two. At the end of the hardship, a triumph awaits me which yielded remarkably magical benefits and one of these is the less in-take of oestrogen.

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