Wednesday, 13 January 2016


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

Fresh water flows in the river while birds feed and paddle around. Squirrels were determined to crack the collected nuts fallen from the trees and given by happy people in the park.


There are no signs of fear in their eyes as no one tries to hunt or threaten their lives. Swans, geese, ducks, seagulls, pigeons and the like give life to the entire public park, where the River Wandle runs. It serves as there green home where some of them live and multiply. These animals are amazingly tame and will follow you if you carry a bag of crumbs.
  (Summer/Spring picture of River Wandle) 

 (Autumn/Winter pictures of River Wandle ) 

There is a historical house in the park that is now occupied by departments of the London Borough of Sutton. A few working offices are there too. The park is enclosed by walls and fences and its gates close at night and open early in the morning. The west corner has a large river which attracts geese and swans etc. Moreover, looking from the river is the Old Woodman Pub and to its right is the Ancient All Saints' Parish Church.
(Top to Bottom, Clockwise: Summer/Spring pictures of Historical house, Old Woodman Pub and
All Saints' Parish Church)

 (Autumn/Winter pictures of Historical house, Old Woodman Pub and All Saints' Parish Church)

This park which run adjacent to Carshalton High Street has a few interesting man made structures like the white bridge called Leoni Bridge, the discarded watermill and the ornamental design cascade. 
 (Summer/Spring pictures of Leoni Bridge and the Cascade)

 (Autumn/Winter pictures of Defunct Watermill and the Cascade)

The park has fixed benches to use when watching the placid water and playful birds. Grasses are mown every week that makes the entire surrounding neat and tidy. The roses are pruned back and the bedding plants are ready to burst into colours. Toddlers, children and teenagers like this park as there are playgrounds full of facilities they can enjoy using for free. Food and snacks are available at the cafeteria beside the toddlers' playground.
 (Summer/Spring pictures of Toddler and Children's playgrounds) 
(Autumn/Winter pictures of Teenagers ball court and Toddler & Children's playgrounds)

If you want a light snacks and bites take a walk to SaSSiS which is inside the park and beside the family friendly crazy golf playground. On the other hand, there is also a free gym equipment provided by The Great Outdoor Gym Company await for you. The easy-to-use gym equipment are good for burning calories or for strengthening those brittle bones, sore muscles and aching joints of yours.
 (SaSSiS and Crazy Golf Playground)
(Hip Twister, The Rider, Push-up/Dip Station and Air Skier)

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