Wednesday, 13 January 2016




This is the distinguishable and noisy sound of a duck that alarms and awakes people at home especially when sleeping. A fleshy bird that has the ability to float and dip-in in the water without the worry of getting drown and also, their strong wings covered in thick feathers are spread and use in the air to fly in flock. Apart from floating in the water, their pad feet (web feet) with toes joint by a web are also use to walk on soil. This bird possesses and adapts to the three powerful elements that makes it versatile and proficient.

When I was about 12 years old, my father cultured and raised this type of bird in our back garden. He turned the barren garden into a wide big cage using pieces of wood. He nailed each piece into wood frames until he completely surrounded the back of our house and also provided an entrance door.

I really admire my Tatay (Father) for being so constructive and innovative in turning that part of our land into a spacious and cosy habitat for our tamed ducks and ducklings.

Ducks were raised and bred. 

There youngs were separated from their mothers/hens as young as 3 week old and placed in a cage that generates warm. Their mothers/hens were released and joint the rest to breed and produce more eggs that we also used in cooking and in supplying bakery's demands.

I don't act like a 12 year old child any more but my childhood memories will remain fresh and youthful!

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