Wednesday, 13 January 2016


I watched a few of her videos on YouTube and was very impressed with her angelic voice.

Five years back I wasn't a big fan of this charming and soft spoken girl...

It just happened that one of the results on YouTube while searching for a decent song was a clip of her audition on Britain's Got Talent in 2007. I thought this 6 year old girl will put herself in shame in front of Simon Cowell, Pierce Morgan and Amanda Holden.

She auditioned and was supported by her mother!

I saw in her eyes that she was not forced by her mother, in fact, she's been singing since 2 year old. Connie 'Connie' Talbot's 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' rendition gained positive responses from the jurors and was given THREE BIG YESES.

The crowd was very quite while she sang her own rendition of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' and a few minutes before the end of the song, Amanda Holden was delighted and seen live on television with teardrop in her face. Pierce Morgan said, 'You are absolutely brilliant and you sang that beautifully'. Simon Cowell as the toughest and 'nasty' (quoted by Pierce) judge amongst the three also appreciated Connie's voice and given a fantastic remark... PERFECT!

I never thought that a 6 year old girl like Connie Talbot can deliver a song, on stage and in front of thousands of live audience, very passionate and calm.

I played her videos on YouTube many times and did feel that her heart sang too!

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