Thursday, 7 January 2016


We all have weaknesses in life. It can be a man who is handsome and gentle; a glamorous sexy lady or could be, varieties of clothes, shoes etc. Whatever is your weakness that you might have started collecting or dreaming of it at a very young age?

When I was in my lovely hometown in the Philippines, I didn’t give very much attention to what I look like. Those years, I thought that being composed and confident at work were the most important attributes in life. More important than any of the tangible things that our naked eyes can see. Perhaps, I wasn’t that aware when it comes to fashion or the things I can acquire which would create the glamorous and presentable side of me. However, it all changed, gradually and smoothly, when I embarked into the world of vampires called, The Call Centre Industry!

I can vividly remember that a night after receiving my salary I would head to the nearby malls together with my nephew and niece to buy as many items as I could afford. We would also eat to pocket-friendly fast food chains; watch movies in the cinema and buy tickets for fun rides. After hours of enjoyment, we were all physically tired and burnt-out. Spending to provide as much energy as you can and enjoy the day doesn’t mean exceeding the budget!

Today and in the coming years, my weakness in buying clothes, bags and shoes will be forever part of my existence on Earth. As a matter of fact, when deciding what to wear for a certain occasion or just a stroll around the high street is no longer giving me a fuss because of my collections. They are like jewels that luminescence my aura, thus giving me confidence when walking!

It can be called addiction by others but for me, it is a passion for fashion that is yielding favourable personal effects to my own well-being!

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