Sunday, 17 January 2016


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

(Year 2009 pictures)

 (Year 2015 pictures)

Their happy faces and bubbly personalities give joy to their parents and so to me. They are my nephews, nieces and my grandchildren in my beloved Philippines.

I have two places in my country, one is in Metro Manila where my sister & her family live and in General Santos City where most of my family members live and where I grew up. When I flew back to the Philippines after visiting England in 2008, I spent a vacation that was more than a month in one of the cities on the island of Mindanao, General Santos City. In addition to this, I also visited them last year but only stayed for a few days. Sadly! Honestly speaking, I was very reluctant to fly over to my hometown last year but glad I pursued it. It made my journey back to England last year very light-hearted even though I was with them and my fragile mother for only a short stay.

(Year 2015 pictures)

My hometown is a lovely place where I was with my parents' warm hands in year 2009. However, last year it was quite heartbreaking as I was only with my fragile mother but I was relived being her Junjun, again.

 (Year 2009 pictures)

(Year 2015 pictures)

Children, kids or babies, they are like energizer that will make you feel better and give you a reason to smile. As I loved them so much, in 2009 I organised a party before I went back to Metro Manila to process my visa application. As I always do! I enjoyed looking at them especially when a tub of ice cream was opened, they formed a line and waited for their turn. A few candid photos were taken, showing their happy, innocent faces and the poignant part was the, 'Thank You' from their mouth. It is our special way of showing to them that they will always be in our hearts and will never forget them.

(Year 2009 pictures)

I come from a big family, enough to count on the fingers of your hands. To be the youngest, it is not any more a surprise nor a question to ask, why we have lots of kids in the house? I will turn 32 this year and I am thankful that I have these kids in my life. Same as my Baby Nicole and Baby Kate in Metro Manila, these kids in my hometown relieve my sadness and cheer me up to boot, every time I fly over to my beloved Philippines. They are blessings that always show a reason for us to smile and look at life with optimisms.

(Year 2009 and 2015 pictures)

Generally  speaking, I had priceless memories in both years because of the happy faces of my eldest siblings and their playful grown-up kids who visited me from time to time just to show me what they've got.

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