Saturday, 13 February 2016


The effective way of expressing love and affection to someone is not by giving or buying expensive gifts. Wait a minute, I dont mind receiving a Chanel Large Tote Metallic Grained Calfskin Beige (just a joke!).

It is not the amount that counts inside the wrapped box however it is on how to make him/her very special in your life. Special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine's day are such important dates in our life's journey. Do you agree? Sending romantic card(s) via post is a very useful way of showing our sincere affection. Though it is a traditional way, the significance is still very delighful! 

Nowadays, with the invention of the computer and the availability of the internet we can make our own 'sealed with a kiss' card with our own special touch at home. This method will convey that you appreciate and value him/her in your life. We don't live like immortal people, so making the best for them will not waste your golden time. You will just think of the appropriate image for a certain occasion, write a few words and print on a glossy paper. 

We don't need to buy cards in book stores as long as we have our own computers and internet connection at home. The art of personalising a card is very exciting and to send the finished one to someone will truly make his/her day special. Your effort will be appreciated and your creativity will be utilised as well. 

Make one now and give it to him/her this coming Sunday with a kiss!

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