Saturday, 20 February 2016


Help... Help... Help... PLEASE!!!

This is what we exclaim when someone is in need of medical assistance. It is an audible way to catch people's attention that might help you in contacting an ambulance.

Today, cellular phones are very much in use to call for a help and wait until the team arrives who will pick you and the casualty. One of the ailments that is happening suddenly to people is the seizure attack.

If you see a seizure casualty who is in need of your soothing hands while waiting for the medical team, this is the resuscitation procedure that will save his life:
  1. If you see the casualty falling, try to ease his hall. Make space around her; ask bystanders to move away. Remove potentially dangerous items, such as hot drinks and sharp objects. Note the time when the seizure started.
  2. If possible, protect the casualty’s head by placing soft padding underneath it. Loosen clothing around his neck.
  3. When the seizure has ceased, open the airway and check for breathing; be ready to give rescue breaths and chest compressions if necessary.
  4. If he is breathing, place him in the recovery position. Monitor and record vital signs- level of response, pulse and breathing. Note the duration of seizure.
(Caution: Do not move the casualty unless he is in immediate danger and do not put anything in his mouth to restrain him.)

*Photo courtesy of GetStuff

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