Monday, 1 February 2016


I have seen many horses in the Philippines and even in the capital city, Metro Manila. Most horses in this city have carriage, they go around in some parts of Malate, a district of Metro Manila, to attract passengers like tourists.

I have been away from my beloved country for years and currently living in the United Kingdom. Residing in England has many reasons to enjoy and to look forward too, like their parks with lots of water and land animals who will follow you around. In fact, I enjoyed feeding swans and cygnets (baby swans), ducks, geese, pigeons and also, fooling squirrels. They are  very tame and playful, protected by the government and fed by people in this country.

I thought a country like England has no HORSES any more but am very wrong to pre-concluded that they only have cars nowadays.

United Kingdom's horses have fur in their feet up to the knees that resembles like knee socks and also the fur on their mane and tail are thicker like a cleaning mop. The structure of their body is bigger and wider and their height that depends on the breed measures from 56 to 72 inches.

In the early years, horses are used to transport goods for trading purposes. These are the working horses sometimes called cart horses as they were bred for their exceptional strength. But nowadays, most horses are use in equestrian activities and racing, silver spoon people's term for gambling. Some of the riches people have the hobby of breeding horses like the Queen of England.

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