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Our loving mothers nurtured and carried us in their wombs for 36 weeks. On the 19th week, they loved and appreciated every flutter and kick we made. It brightens their way of thinking and gave their lives more importance compared to what it was before. When the time came to deliver us into this world, our first wail vanished their experienced pain as they were holding their precious baby in their arms. That is why, our natal day will always be special to our mothers and for us, children. 

There were seven loving friends who offered undying help and advice. There was also a loving partner who gave encouragement and assistance in the grandiose creation of the sole Dayanara Mesmeize' 47th birthday venue. It was an exacting experience but the end result was an opulent transformation of Selly Oak and Bournbook social club venue. A very rewarding outcome that was cheerfully adored and complimented by her venerable guests who came from different parts of the United Kingdom. 
(Before and After)
The clock was ticking for the party to commence while the venue with 10 beautifully ornamented round tables and embellished chairs awaited for the arrival of her à la mode guests. She was expecting around 100 friends to appear in their colourful gowns and blend incognito into this year's birthday theme, Masquerade.

The confirmed guests were all snugly sitting down on their designated chairs and happily getting to know who is who on their table. It was already dinner time when all of the guests appeared and that is why, a buffet style feast was prepared and served warmly by VIP Catering Benedict Yap Torres' employees. Scrumptious food choices which were certainly filling and fuelled more the spirit and vigour of her loving guests. There were more than 80 guests who appeared at her party but Dayanara was mostly touched when fresh from their honeymoon in Las Vegas, Puja and Paddy, went straight to her party after arriving at Birmingham Airport. Apart from the adorable couple, the regular appearance of Mary (Dayanara's affectionate work colleague) never let her down by attending consistently every year. 
(VIP Catering Benedict Yap Torres' employees)
(With Puja and Paddy)

No more hungry tummies as well as depreciating energy levels. That is why, the overhead lights turned dim and the voice of her sterling hostess for the last 6 years, Alexandra Marie Diaz, introduced astoundingly the birthday celebrant herself, Dayanara Mesmeize. She walked gracefully and wore a sweetheart neckline yellow above-the-knee full dress skirt with glittery platform heels and a pair of chandelier earrings. She bewildered everyone by her regalness on the red carpet. Largely due to the joint efforts of her Hairstylist, Yurie, and Make-up artist, KC.
(Hairstylist, Yurie, and Make-up artist, KC)

Everyone greeted her as well as appreciated the elegance of her welcome appearance. She walked around to thank personally the guests and to have pictures with them, too. The time came for her to walk back discerningly to the dressing room and change her dress for the opening song number. 

There she was once again on the red carpet but with her Michelle Obama's inspired dress. She was inspirationally holding a microphone to sing her opening song number entitled, My Love Will See You Through. A classic love song loved by most Filipinos and heard around the world for it evokes the true meaning of unconditional love of and for someone else. She overwhelmed the guests with her powerful voice and melted their hearts, too. That is why, they sang with her half way through as for love will see you through... 

The microphone was handed back to her amiable sister and best friend, Alexandra Marie Diaz, who gave a brief statement before broadcasting the life story of Miss Dayanara Mesmeize in a form of a video. The birthday celebrant sat on a creamy upholstered chaise lounge before the video was played. It was a compilation of photos of her with beloveds who gave continuous hope and strength in life, and most especially to her partner, Mark, for the greatest love and profound understanding. The video was played continuously but with a surprise as it included all of the previous birthday celebrations she shared with her family and friends. Most especially when she turned 39; when it all started. 
(The Hostess, Alexandra Marie Diaz)

(With Mark)

The grandiosity of Miss Dayanara Mesmeize' birthday celebration each year wasn't for ostentatiousness and bravura per se. She started holding her own party with a purpose when she soon turned 39 years of age. The intention of her heart was/is to share her blessings with everyone, specifically with the Asilo De Molo Home For The Aged as well as to her indigent neighbourhood in Iloilo, Philippines. According to Miss Dayanara, her life's vision was changed when she went through a successful triple heart bypass. That is why, she prefers more to share the blessings she has been receiving rather than to indulge herself in any fancy things or extravagant holidays. 

That is indeed a life story of a woman with a heart who found her true calling in life... 

The night of the masquerade resumed with everybody in it. Yes, they were all in it as they enjoyed powerfully a few intermission numbers prepared by her dearest friends. Such as the affectionate and wannabe singers Yurie and Ambie who sang That's What Friends Are For and the London's pride duo singters, Miss Huggy McGuire and Miss Geyzhel Sparks, who dressed-up coordinately in their Victorian inspired fashion promenade costume coats. There were also a few exhilarating entertainers who wore colourful outfits and portrayed different personas on stage. However, the guests (most especially the ladies) were much more boosted when the beefcake stripper, Zach, appeared in his tight policeman outfit. They were thrilled and amused to see Zach erotically continued dancing in his fitted red shorts while displaying his toned tattooed body.
(With Yurie and Ambie)
 (With Miss Huggy McGuire and Miss Geyzhel Sparks)
 (Beefcake Stripper, Zach)

The commotion of the ladies pacified and the birthday celebrant emerged differently; she was wearing a floor-length glitz mermaid cut sequence gown. This was when she blew and cut her sacchariferous bright birthday cake with a glowing Cinderella doll motif. 

The birthday party had a theme called, Masquerade. That is why, most of the guests were asked to create their costume masks and wore their best gowns on the night of the event. Each of them exhibited their own costume mask like models on the runway before they all gathered up on stage like life-sized Barbie Dolls. There was only one who modelled it fairly and received a cash prize of £100.00. The Best Dress Masquerade Award was given to Angel.
 (Best Dress Masquerade Awardee, Angel)

The formality of the event finished and it was replaced with some groovy music. The centre floor only intended for Miss Dayanara's red carpet became everyone's dance floor. Yes, it was the stimulating dancing time which continued until the wee hour of the next morning. 

One by one they bid their goodbye to the celebrant and thanked her for the wonderful night. All of the guests were very delighted and it gave an immeasurable smile on Miss Dayanara Mesmeize face; who is now looking forward to what will be the next year's theme. 

*Information and Photos/Video Courtesy of Dayanara Mesmeize's Facebook Account

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