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by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

(Miss Amy Franke and photo courtesy of Mango Tree Facebook)
I ignored the beauty pageant last year but didn't expect this year's heaving of people...

I arrived 10 minutes before it started and the number of admirers, supporters and family members was undeniably unceasing. Like others, I also didn't have an advanced ticket as all tickets advertised on the web were completely sold out. In the past, I would just buy my ticket upfront with no problem whatsoever. However, last Sunday it was shockingly a different story line. 

I was very confident that they would still sell admission tickets at the doorstep as per my conversation over the phone with one of their employees. Yes, I gave them a call a few days before when I found out that there was no single available tickets online anymore and was even given a firm confirmation that I could just buy one upfront. To be more specific, I repeated my question slowly to the woman on the other line about paying my ticket forthright as well as highlighted the sold out tickets. 

I queued and waited for my turn outside like the rest of us who were looking forward to mingle in the vigorous crowd until I was stopped by an unfriendly employee who gave me some objectionable choices. The choices were either to go back home, which was a very arrogant respond, or just wait on the side of the building for 15 minutes or so. I was there to watch and not to argue, that is why I held my composure, stood in front of her and explained myself clearly as to why I still pursued coming to this pageant without an advanced ticket. Luckily, I was understood and my plight was handed over to Max, one of the organisers, who acquired a ticket for me so I could go into the venue with no more distasteful choices. I didn't make a fuss with the woman I first spoke to, for who knows what it is like being on the front line and under pressure? It may well make you arrogant or say things you don't mean.

Upon entering, I held my breath as I was flabbergasted at how crowded it was compared to the past; generally much squeezer and humid. However, the sexylicious candidates and the beautiful transwomen had their own scintillating heat, too.

I encountered and chatted to a few familiar faces whom I've known in the past and respected because of their personalities. Apart from them, I also met some 'hello friends' who looked voluptuous, erotic, elegant and royale in their bandage dresses. As a matter of fact, a few of them changed dresses twice to look more conspicuously radiant and to stand out more than the rest of us. I couldn't blame nor envy them especially as they possessed a body to die for. As an old adage goes, "if you have it, flaunt it"!

The stage was now set and ready for the candidates to commence the battle and overcome their fears. But before their performance, an intermission number was staged first by the energetic Roll & Dice. After that, the high spirited hostess introduced the 13 incognito and dogged candidates who appeared on stage one by one wearing their come-hither Alternative Circus Costumes. Yes, they showed more skin which made it sexually provocative in the eyes of their suave admirers. Apart from being libidinous in their outfits, it was also a way of showing to all of us that they possessed great discipline and perseverance in order to maintain their flat tummies as well as the curvaceousness of their body figures. Here are the photos for you to be gobsmacked.


The display of costumes finished with loud hitting applause and positive expressions from the spirited audience and then continued with an intermission number.

The festive candidates headed back to the dressing room for some retouching and the adding of illuminiser particles to lift and brighten their skin tones. The majority of candidates wore the natural complexion of their skin tones but some had highlight cosmetics on before they roared onto the stage in their ravishing swimsuits. The audience was full of expectation. I'm sure you would love to see them in their one-shaded bewitching swimsuits and that is why, here are their individual photos coutesy of Miss Geyzhyl Sparks' Facebook account for you to scrutinise and rank according to your tastebuds.

They wiggled their bodies in their individual swimsuits and then, were called all together to gather on stage. Once again, they gave their best postures while the paparazzi took pictures of them and also, waiting for the tally result to be handed over for this category. The anticipation was over when candidate number 13, Miss Geri Love from Republic of the Philippines, was awarded as MISS BODY BEAUTIFUL and candidate number 6, Miss Thailand (my apology for no name mentioned), as for BEST IN SWIMSUIT.
(MISS BODY BEAUTIFUL and photo courtesy of Miss Geyzhel Sparks' Facebook account)
(BEST IN SWIMSUIT and photo courtesy of Miss Geyzhel Sparks' Facebook account)
The announcement of special awardees was over and the Roll & Dice once again flipped and danced with an insurmountable energy on stage. While the candidates on the other hand were busy fitting-in their long, flowy and silhouette evening gowns in front of their mirrors. They were also occupied remembering the catwalk techniques given by their nonpartisan team/assistants. Their individual appearances were called and each candidate walked felicitously on stage but a few had trouble with their less cooperative gowns. I warmly admired all of them who wore finely detailed and beautifully sewn long evening gowns on stage.



The classiness of their exquisite gowns was evaluated by the members of the jury and was also most appreciated by their ardent supporters. They were called all together to show-up on stage once again by the jolly hostess Sandy Channer. A Brixton born star who become famous and known because of the channel 4's opinionated series programme, Googlebox. Sandy, enlivened the stage with her sense of humour and calmed down the jittery chosen 5 candidates during the Question & Answer portion. The members of the jury unanimously decided the deserving runners-up and this year's title holder and the result was handed over to Sandy. On the other hand, the preferential candidates held each other's hands hoping to bring home the coveted crown. Without further ado, here are this year's runners-up as well as the title holder.
4th Runner-up, #5 Miss Thailand (my apology for no name mentioned) 
3rd Runner-up, #13 Miss Geri Love from Republic of the Philippines 
2nd Runner-up, #6 Miss Thailand (my apology for no name mentioned) 
1st Runner-up, #2 Miss Alessandra Mae from Republic of the Philippines 
Miss Mango Tree Circus, #10 Miss Amy Franke from Thailand

Inevitably, a few supporters were shocked at the entire result but heartfelt acceptance was embraced as the night of fun progressed.

It is worth remembering that in any competition there is only one winner and the rest are clappers. These clappers will either join different competitions to hone their performance or rise like a phoenix for the next year's competition with the great desideratum of bringing home the crown.

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