Thursday, 5 January 2017


Parenthood has no retirement and inevitably, responsibilities broaden as children grow and as time passes by. A stage which perpetuates even as the children get older and mature. Whether you like it or not, there is no switch off button when you are feeling tired of the obligations or just getting fed up with the daily responsibilities. Actually, it continues even when relationships break apart and parents live separately. That is why, a switch off button is neither an option and does not exist!

I just finished watching the first set of episodes of the TV series entitled Transparent. Each episode was delivered and carried out delightfully by the actors. It's not the stereo typical parenthood story but a delicate view of the reality of people embracing transitions in life. In particular, it was a more realistic approach of an evolving transgender woman's progression and also included other LGBTQI+ people. Disappointingly, this series hasn't been given much attention yet on TV channels or seen as important by some big networks. 

His fascination of becoming a woman and decision to dressing-up as a woman were concealed while he responsibly fathering his children... 

A university scholar who loved and supported his energetic wife, Shelly. They created a family of 3 children and he was generous in tending to their demands while growing up. He was a typical husband who worked very hard to fund the family's lifestyle and always came back home full of optimism. Apart from being very reliable, what came out gradually and incresingly was his desire to embrace his hindered  feeling of becoming a woman. Until one day, he fully unraveled the truth of his feeling and revealed herself as Maura Pfefferman.

Each episode highlighted the subtle transitional life of the father in becoming a transgender woman. Apart from his own challenging odyssey, it included the chaotic life of his eldest daughter, Sarah, who was once married to a man and later, cohabited with a lesbian. It also covered the confused personality of his youngest daughter, Ali, who became an eccentric lesbian and as the years passed also getting involved intimately with both sexes. The story also featured the bravado son, Josh, who was sexually defiled at a young age and subsequently got involved with a post-op transgender woman.

"Hey, honey I want to borrow your panty as it's now becoming the rage at the moment?". He asked his wife. "It was the biggest camel toe I've ever seen in my entire life". His wife shared these comments with her dear friend and cachinnated. That was the starting and deciding point when the husband/father explored the wearing of women's clothes and appearing clandestinely as a woman. Despite the fact of his great desire to be a woman, he still fancied women and remained to love every woman's aspects from top going down to her v*gina. Yes, his hindered sexuality and metamorphosis didn't change or modify his immense attraction to women. 

He met a friend named Marcy... 

During his sneaky exploration, he accidentally met a friend who had the same life as his. They exchanged ideas on how to deal with their lives while reconnoitering as women; which influenced greatly and benefited their friendship. One day, they discovered an advert in a magazine which made them think seriously while adoring dressing-up as women in a hotel's restaurant. There was a sudden reluctance in their voices but their gay prattle helped them decide to give the boot camp a relishing shot. 

They drove together heading to this well-moated leafy boot camp where they saw, met and chatted to most of the transgender women who had no trace of fear on their faces. They felt the excitement of sprucing up as a woman, especially when they reached the hub of the boot camp. The usual qualms on their faces vanished and their life's discretion was replaced with blissfulness. No more jittery rubbernecking! 

All throughout the boot camp period, they mingled with fathers of the same status quos; chatted to closet queen men who feared being deduced wrongly and even, drank with wives/women who were in full support of their husbands/friends' transformation. A heavenly feeling that they’ve been yearning for. They appreciated and loved as dawn came to dusk each day. Who would not be? They were human beings whose only desire is for happiness and to be accepted into society. However, they are always frighten of being vindictively judge by narrow minded people and then, maltreated like a plague. 

Personally speaking, sexual transition is a fragile and delicate stage in one's personal life. The gradual embrace of change as time passes by from their loved ones will ease their fears and free them from inexhaustible woes. It takes time to accept the honest blunt truth especially if it is all about the person we dearly admire and love. Verily speaking, some of us will feel apprehensive in welcoming unfamiliar changes especially if they are too close to home. However, this does not imply we can't embrace the piecemeal outcome of change.

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