Thursday, 23 February 2017


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

It all started when I was looking for something colourful and enticing...

I can appreciate the shade of the foliage but my personality could never hide my eagerness for more radiant and gleeful plants. On the other hand, as if I was born with a green thumb like my dear Nanay (mother) who could plant a seed and after a few days, it's already coming into life and developing leaves. Then, weeks after it's either pullulating with refreshing flowers or scrumptious fruits. What an inspiring picturesque recollection of mine!

I don't forgo very easily unless there is a need to, especially when the consequential outcome will be pointless. Why would I waste my precious time. Will you? Heretofore, I put up with the idea that only aloe veras, cacti, etc. would survive the test of suffocating atmosphere indoors. However, I was very wrong when I finally stepped-up and bought my first Bromeliad called Guzmania Lingulata. A plant that has the entire flower head, when viewed from above, in the shape of a star and it's been given a more easily identifiable name as Scarlet Star. Its leaves are hardy, long and umbrella out from the central stalk. When this plant blooms, only once in its life, the bloom lasts about 5 months.

My optimistic personality of tender, love and care overcame my idea that it wouldn't survive. Or, my negative thoughts that planting colourful plants inside the flat would end in their not thriving. That is why, I was very delighted and awed when seedlings emerged unexpectedly and my great happiness resonated in four corners of the flat. Now I know how my mother felt when her well-loved plants flourished and yielded blossoms.

For the past weeks of taking good care of my Bromeliads, they have given me enriching incentives, gleefulness and pride especially when I stare at them. They transpired the hundrum colour of the window sill board to a more interesting and charming framework. Naturally, it has that green house effect which I dearly love very much.

Genuinely, it is not just the Guzmania Lingulata that cheers me up everyday; as they all do. More so, when the mostly cultivated Bromeliad Tilladsia Cyanea surprised me with a purple flower. As far as I can remember, the blitheness in my eyes was beyond words which induced me to take pictures of the unexpected bloom emanated from its pink bract. Essentially, the bract of this Pink Quill Air Plant produces flowers for 1 to 3 months and after that, new seedlings/ offsets will sprout from the base of its stem. 

They, Guzmania Lingulata and Tilladsia Cyanea, were repotted twice because of their unstoppable and thriving growth. Both are sources of my radiant bliss in the morning and every time I behold them; they remind me that I am a green-fingered lady after all.

Friday, 17 February 2017


My first handling of a camera was very exciting and manipulating it was frightening to boot. The film of the photographic cartridge was very sensitive specifically the coated base gelatin emulsion. Accordingly, when the negative film is exposed to light it gradually darkens and become useless in capturing images. I remembered this scenario and it would make you unhappy! In the past, when I was requested to take photos I always took care to place the negative film in the camera's film chamber and then carefully pull the existing film strip onto the film's loading roller. Voila and the single reflex lens camera was now ready to be used in capturing memories for as long as there's a new pair of alkaline batteries. 

In days of yore, most portable cameras used by families were a rectangular shapes and either slim and elongated or bulky and heavy. Can you remember the cameras before like the Kodak's Ektralite 450 electronic flash and the 1960's Ritenette? Technically, the 1960's preferred design cameras had a few buttons to manipulate when taking an image using its viewfinder eyepiece. It also had a film rewind knob and a shutter release button. Personally speaking, the experience gained in using one of those manual duty cameras was priceless despite their weight and their tiny viewfinder screen.

They have now been replaced but considered valuable collectables by some artists. 

Every year, new discoveries in the world of technology have been found and introduced into the cash-milking market. One of many scientific know hows in today's generation which is getting smaller, lighter and less troublesome is the invention of digital cameras. This equipment launched by business corporations who persuaded consumers to upgrade to the current ones available in the market. Or else, we are no longer part of their gravy train! They manufactured these state-of-the-art cameras and they sell well but it is interesting that we have little appreciations of those who designed and conceptualised the advanced higher features and specifications. It is true to say that digital cameras are sophisticated replacement for negative film cameras which have been emerging ubiquitously and providing most of us with an easy way of storing captured images. Don't you think its agreeably practical? Structurally speaking, it is a modern device with a built-in monitor to see the moving object(s) apart from its viewfinder eyepiece and a memory card slot instead of the negative film of old. If that is not enough, it is also equipped with an accessory terminal for wireless remote controllers which allows you to compose the shot, get it into frame and take a picture when you are ready. Moreover, it is supplied with a USB data sync cable lead for easy transferring of photos into the computer rather than the familiar photo prints. On the other hand, some of these modern digital cameras are quite complex because of their systematic designed buttons in capturing demanding and arduous images and are commonly used by avid and professional photographers for monetisation.

I am not yet a professional photographer who would advertise my visual art skill to family and friends. However, I would like to learn more of its technicalities while shooting my object(s) rather than editing the outcome of each image. In the past and to date, I either used my iPhones' camera when taking selfies with family and friends or my Samsung Smart DV150F Dual LCD compact digital camera for landscape and events' pictures. They both took good, cloudless (most of the times) and bright pictures but my fascination about digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera sent me to a crux. That is why, a few weeks ago I upgraded my passion in photography to a more advanced camera and purchased a Nikon D3300 Digital SLR Camera in red. There was that idea of putting if off again but my enthusiasm for the 'checkout' button counterbalanced my reluctance.

Nikon D3300 Digital SLR camera isn't like my Samsung compact digital camera as it has a solid and lightweight body and an interchangeable (18-55 VR/Non VR) lens kit. I like attaching the retractable lens to its body because of the crisp sound it produces. Click! When it comes to taking photos, it has a diopter adjustment control on its viewfinder eyepiece which is a great idea in achieving clean and sharp focus points. Apart from that, its mode dial has incorporated a 'Special Effects Mode (EFFECTS)' with 13 impressive styles when taking a photo using its 3 inches diagonal monitor. Moreover, the more adventurous and technical 'Manual Mode (M)' used by professionals is hand-operated with no automatic shutter speed and aperture adjustments when producing quality image results. This mode will be laborious (LOL!). 

Nikon D3300 Digital SLR Camera has a wonderful constructed body design with tidy neckstrap lugs and a finger- friendly position shutter release button. Its 5 frames per second continuous shooting speed at full resolution and 24.2 million megapixel will give you crystal clear and vivid image results. I took a photo using only its 'Auto Mode' dial and the outcome was very striking with promising minute details when I zoomed it out. It was like looking through a microscope in which even the tiny grains in an object was still dynamically visible. 

I am still on tenderfoot when it comes to the more advanced elements of my Red Nikon D3300 Digital SLR Camera as it is part of being an amateur. Philosophically speaking, learning is living and each new journey has a series of additional starts which will mould us to be more solid and assertive. I am embarking on this over-and-above chapter in my life and I am prospecting that before it turns 1-year old I already have proficient knowledge in photography or by that time, maybe an expert.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

(Dell Inspiron 1545 Flamingo Pink and HP 15-AY024 Intel Pentium Red)

It took me years before I acquired my first laptop and it was after I graduated from the university. However, my knowledge about state-of-the-art computers and the ground breaking power of the internet wasn't new to me. Yes, you heard me right despite the fact that I never owned my own laptop or desktop. How? Its because I was given the chance to explore their life changing effects when I was a working student and to be surrounded by a few techy friends, too. It was full of excitement as it unfolded new stuff to cognize and my eagerness in learning gave me advantages before and after I left my beloved hometown. Wistfully, those days are long gone (LOL!)!

In my teen years, owning my own handy gadget(s) like cellular phones etc. has been a luxury and when you have one, both of your thumbs are always tinkering its buttons. Actually, those man-made electronics would attract more friends to come closer to you. Am I right youths of the 1990s?

It was in year 2008 when I first owned a laptop with my own choice of brand, shade, screen size and weight. In reality, it was one of the best and functional personal electronics I received for myself which I valued and treasured for almost a decade. We had lots of memories together and combated myriads of trojan horse who tried to destroy her functionalities. She certainly endured the test of my typing fingers, oppppps, I meant time. That is why, disconnecting with my Dell Inspiron 1545 flamingo pink 15.6” laptop made me slightly heavyhearted. Its because whenever I used her keyboard, my mind conjoined oozingly and effortless especially when it came to writing. 

It's been two weeks to date ever since I replaced my Dell laptop because of its operating system issues... 

For the past weeks, I have been lovingly using my new HP 15-ay024 Intel Pentium red laptop which has a fast intel pentium quad core processor and a realiable 1.6HHz processor speed CPU. It also has a large 8GB random access memory which benefits me when navigating the internet as well as editing pictures. Apart from that, the acquisition of current programs and data has been faster and quickly reached because of its Intel Pentium intel n3710 quad core processor. Moreover, it has state-of-the-art 2TB fixed disk for data storage and digital information retrieval. Generally speaking, the HP red laptop has a powerful CPU; bigger memory and quicker operating system in comparison to my Dell flamingo pink laptop. 

Yes, its internal techy components are very impressive and up to speed but there is more... 

While I was importing my pertinent files from my Dell flamingo pink laptop, I found out about its interfaces and connectivity. I wasn't bothered at first but my mind got diverted to know more about its additional features. So, I inspected and fiddled most of them. Such as, the multi-media card compatible on the bottom right side; an HDMI port on the left side; 3 USB ports with 1 USB 3.0; flight mode option button on its keyboard and the integrated bluetooth wireless technology. The lightness and the thinness of its structure makes it much  less strenuous to carry while out and about. Above all, it has a popping-out keyboard for easy cleaning and its crisp touch provides me with an enjoyable and easy to use typing experience. On the hand, the integral design of its multi-media card compatible is a bit troublesome when pulling out an inserted memory card. It's not like my Dell's multi-media card slot which had a spring up design and was very smooth to manipulate. 

This HP 15-ay024 Intel Pentium red laptop is an au courant portable computer because all of its necessary software is structured in its integral recovery partition. That is why, when I opened its box there were no common software disks included and even manual, too. It was an unexpected turn out but an eco-friendly technology because of its virtual drives and PDF document.

Windows 10 as an operating system has been a big leap for me and from time to time, I do find myself on hands and knees. Some of the times, I would like to retrieve my Dell Vista laptop because of the familiarity and being less complicated. I even thought of unpacking it again and would just not give a damn about its software updates until it would sadly cease to function normally.

Life has constant changes which will affect our daily routines, either consciously or unconsciously. Personally speaking, I rather choose to recognise and welcome the constant changes and then, in so doing absorb and comprehend gradually the impacts of them on me.

Thursday, 2 February 2017


She was in my Christmas' wish list and the day I received her, the smile on my face was immeasurable.

I thought he was just joking about her but then, a sealed white box neatly secured in another package was delivered on the day I wasn't expecting any deliveries. Opening her as a present was full of unpredictable enthusiasm and it brought back memories when I was a little girl in my beloved country. The excitement in opening the box and the anticipation of having her in my hands contrived me to go to the gym later than my usual schedule. Every minute was worthwhile!

Here she was in carnal scarlet portraying appetites, sensual and passions. She had an elegant woven leather and gold chain strap implying durability, strength and versatility. Choosing the domineering shade which extended up to its gold chain shoulder strap signify a woman's confidence in wearing bold colours and eminent trimmings. I think, is it just me? I'm one of those strong-willed ladies?

I couldn't wait to try her which is why, I took her out from it's well sewn personalised dust bag. Wowed and tickled pink were my instant reactions with her soft cow leather material with a small printed grained effect. I know for a fact that Mulberry Medium Lily Scarlet Small Classic Grain is far from any best known and most highly sought-after fashion bags but to own something I've wished for gave me such overjoyed feelings. I may sound shallow and vain to disparaging people but my happiness will thwart their views and attitudes. 

What I love about her is its roomy-size which allows essential things to be carried without being voluminous when going out and about. I am used to owning larger grab bags which I treat (sometimes) as weekend bags because they can carry all sort of stuff even the things I don't use very often. Shall I say, it's my prudent and rational attitude even though I don't need everything stored in my grab bags (LOL!). On the other hand, I also own a few small clutch bags, with or without straps, and always find them limited when I couldn't carry in them the necessary things I needed. That is why, when the Mulberry Medium Lily Scarlet Small Classic Grain arrived it was an experiment; would it work conveniently for me or not? Luckily, she ticks all of the boxes and even used her a few times when I was on a journey or met with friends. She isn't just a good quality purchase, she is also reliable and many-sided bag. 

The Mulberry Medium Lily Scarlet Small Classic Grain's dimensions have been ideal from the day I started handling and using her. She flatteringly held my foldable umbrella, my flapover purse, keys, oyster travel card, my vintage Jackie O sunglasses, pocket dual mirror, a pocket of tissues, shine lip balm, a pressed powder brush and soft multi face blusher. For the past times I have been using her, I always make sure that my pressed powder brush and soft multi face blusher were kept in a small pouch to avoid damaging and soiling her microfibre lining. I am an orderly woman and the thought of grime and impurity will just make me very concerned and bothered. Genuinely speaking, I'm not planning to turn her into a trump or a refused bin!

She's practically well-designed because of her elegant beauty and refinement which always manifests and allures people. The solidly detailed components were well-created starting from her postman's lock closure to its hanging fob with hidden padlock. Moreover, she's beneficially versatile as you can wear her woven and gold chain strap in 3 winsome and exquisite ways. Such as over the shoulder, across the body or carry it as a clutch bag by concealing the strap inside. 

My fascination and addiction with the like of handbags is now more of an investment which is why, I am now even thinking of venturing-out the sough-after fashion brand names in the world of consumerism.