Thursday, 2 February 2017


She was in my Christmas' wish list and the day I received her, the smile on my face was immeasurable.

I thought he was just joking about her but then, a sealed white box neatly secured in another package was delivered on the day I wasn't expecting any deliveries. Opening her as a present was full of unpredictable enthusiasm and it brought back memories when I was a little girl in my beloved country. The excitement in opening the box and the anticipation of having her in my hands contrived me to go to the gym later than my usual schedule. Every minute was worthwhile!

Here she was in carnal scarlet portraying appetites, sensual and passions. She had an elegant woven leather and gold chain strap implying durability, strength and versatility. Choosing the domineering shade which extended up to its gold chain shoulder strap signify a woman's confidence in wearing bold colours and eminent trimmings. I think, is it just me? I'm one of those strong-willed ladies?

I couldn't wait to try her which is why, I took her out from it's well sewn personalised dust bag. Wowed and tickled pink were my instant reactions with her soft cow leather material with a small printed grained effect. I know for a fact that Mulberry Medium Lily Scarlet Small Classic Grain is far from any best known and most highly sought-after fashion bags but to own something I've wished for gave me such overjoyed feelings. I may sound shallow and vain to disparaging people but my happiness will thwart their views and attitudes. 

What I love about her is its roomy-size which allows essential things to be carried without being voluminous when going out and about. I am used to owning larger grab bags which I treat (sometimes) as weekend bags because they can carry all sort of stuff even the things I don't use very often. Shall I say, it's my prudent and rational attitude even though I don't need everything stored in my grab bags (LOL!). On the other hand, I also own a few small clutch bags, with or without straps, and always find them limited when I couldn't carry in them the necessary things I needed. That is why, when the Mulberry Medium Lily Scarlet Small Classic Grain arrived it was an experiment; would it work conveniently for me or not? Luckily, she ticks all of the boxes and even used her a few times when I was on a journey or met with friends. She isn't just a good quality purchase, she is also reliable and many-sided bag. 

The Mulberry Medium Lily Scarlet Small Classic Grain's dimensions have been ideal from the day I started handling and using her. She flatteringly held my foldable umbrella, my flapover purse, keys, oyster travel card, my vintage Jackie O sunglasses, pocket dual mirror, a pocket of tissues, shine lip balm, a pressed powder brush and soft multi face blusher. For the past times I have been using her, I always make sure that my pressed powder brush and soft multi face blusher were kept in a small pouch to avoid damaging and soiling her microfibre lining. I am an orderly woman and the thought of grime and impurity will just make me very concerned and bothered. Genuinely speaking, I'm not planning to turn her into a trump or a refused bin!

She's practically well-designed because of her elegant beauty and refinement which always manifests and allures people. The solidly detailed components were well-created starting from her postman's lock closure to its hanging fob with hidden padlock. Moreover, she's beneficially versatile as you can wear her woven and gold chain strap in 3 winsome and exquisite ways. Such as over the shoulder, across the body or carry it as a clutch bag by concealing the strap inside. 

My fascination and addiction with the like of handbags is now more of an investment which is why, I am now even thinking of venturing-out the sough-after fashion brand names in the world of consumerism.

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