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by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

Know your RIGHTS as a consumer! 

Communicating directly to the seller or a merchandiser is the straightforward and simplest way of disputing and settling an issue/problem. This can be executed verbally, either in person or over the phone, and/or in writing by sending an email or a private message. I always choose the latter as writing with an explanatory statement means you can set out your arguments in a black & white form. So, which one are you when the goods and services you just received are not as described or haven't met your satisfaction? 

Writing is easy but explaining clearly and plainly your thoughts in a statement can be challenging. Am I right, my dear? I have my own adapted method in order to give my formal letter some clarity and that is, by making a draft on scrap papers about the important bits. This will include the main problem(s), the dates and times of exchanged letters and the names of the correspondents. In this way, you will have a reliable guide on what you will just include in your formal complaint in order to build a strong case against the seller or merchandiser. Most of the times, an ad hoc communication to the seller works fairly well and will always favour the customer's solid arguments. Inevitably, there are instances in which the seller wouldn't like to comprehend what has been written in the complaint; that the buyer received unsatisfactory goods and services. Does it mean, the buyer's money will just go down the drain as well as having to put up with the faulty item? If this happens to you as a consumer, you will think of how one-sided, and unreasonable the seller or merchandiser are apart from provoking your annoyance. 

Cheer up buyers as every cloud has a silver lining... 

The Consumer Rights Act of 2015 aims to protect the buyer's confidence from the wrongful actions of (mostly abusive) sellers. If you think you still don't get a favourable response out of an ad hoc communication from the arrogant and adamant sellers, don't lose hope and belief in yourself. Its because, under the Consumer Rights Act of 2015 if there is a problem with the goods and services bought from the seller or didn't match the description of the item that was advertised, you can ask for a full refund or provide you with a replacement. If you think, you have given sufficient time for the seller to resolve your raised issue and yet still they haven't acted evenhandedly, Citizens Advice Bureau team will impartially guide you. The people behind their team will hear your side of argument first including what you have been doing regarding your complaint before they will finally give you reasonable advice to make a fair dispute with the seller. That is why, it is imperative that you will contact or communicate first directly to the seller or where you bought the item before you will ask the assistance of Citizens Advice Bureau's contingent team. 

A month ago I bought a Celine Multicolour Luggage Calfskin Lather Tote Mini. Actually, I published a written essay about it on here, too, at The description of the seller on the legitimate website of second-hand top of the range items, VestiareCollective, was exactly as she outlined on the description box and defined on the website's comment section. Personally, the bag was in a foolproof and splendid condition when I took it out of its personalised plastic carrier bag for the very first time. However, I was taken by surprise that the presence of its drawstring dust bag wasn't included in the box. I had paid the bill in full and was anticipating that after a month of waiting, everything would be included in the sealed box, delivered by their courier man. Actually, they have a unique quality control team who had 2-3 days to carry out a “100%” physical inspection of the bag and check that all accessories are included. Subjectively, I was flabbergasted given the fact that the seller on their website confirmed that there is a dust bag when I verified it on their comment section. Can you believe how thorough they are during physical check and inspection? 

On the day I received the sealed box from them, I sent right away an email to VestiareColletive and even a private message on their Facebook page regarding the missing dust bag. There were monotonic replies in which it implied they haven't read well my raised issue. One of their emails was written with arrogance which 'some' thriving companies have been practising to dismay the confidence of their buyers. Sadly, they barked up the wrong tree! 

I took the dispute personally...

I contacted directly on their website's comment box the main seller of the Celine Bag about the missing dust bag. We exchanged comments for some time and on the 07th of March, she verified again that she sent the dust bag together with the bag to the Head Office of VestiareCollective for “100%” quality control check and inspection. Which is why, on the 08th of March I took it up onto the next level and called the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06 for helpful advice. My side of argument was heard by them and subsequently, they shared useful phrases for me to include in my complaint letter. A written statement formulated by myself using one of their template letters on

which beyond any doubt summoned VestiareCollective to take an immediate action. 

On the 08th of March, I finalised my complaint from the Citizens Advice's website and downloaded a copy. I then sent the letter with attachments to VestiareCollective's email address as well as privately messaged them on Facebook. A day after, they replied to my complaint in which they stated in their written statement that their quality control has received the Celine dust bag and even had the bloody cheek to ask me if I would like to have it. What a stupid and ignorant question when the main reason of my complaint was to acquire the dust bag. Which is why when they offered me a voucher gesture of 20 euros on my next order, I DECLINED as all I wanted was the dust bag.

On the 10th of March and after 8 days of battle with VestiareCollective, they finally shipped over from France to the United Kingdom the missing and evasive Celine drawstring dust bag. Which would arrive on Monday as per the shipment's detailed report and a sent text message.

I love writing and that is why I don't feel the apprehension in communicating and explaining to the seller or merchandiser when something fishy has been happening to my purchased item. If I were to brag I would say, it's no longer new to me and winning a dispute objectively makes me ecstatic. Generally speaking, presenting my arguments in a form of letter has been my tenacious weapon, as long as it has the facts and my points of view along with the supplementary proofs and evidence. With this approach, a complaint will have more credence and not just a  vague whim!

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