Wednesday, 31 May 2017


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

(The Elongated Ionian Sea)

It was getting dimmer when we touched down at Corfu International Airport at Kerkyra. Despite the close of day arrival, the retrieving of our checked-in luggages on a moderately rotating carousel was very fast and hassle free. If it were a beauty pageant, they (suitcases) were included in the top three (LOL!). 

(The Hassle Free Carousel)

Outside the airport, a complimentary coach was waiting but wait a minute, where is the driver? I stepped inside the coach which was quite dark and mildly sweltering. I couldn't find a single soul or even the shadow of the driver. There he was outside with the rest of the motorists who were enjoying and finishing the puff of their vices. Here came the driver who checked our names & destination and more importantly, helped us with our chocked-full suitcases placed on the roomy baggage locker of the coach. 

The coach's engine started as well as the air conditioning unit which removed the oppressive heat and gradually cooling the interior air. We fastened our seat belts and then, welcomed ourselves for arriving safely and on time in Corfu, Greece! 

We were smoothly moving on our way to Agios Georgios on the South...

From the coach's tinted window, I saw on the verges of the main road some infrastructures and buildings similar to my beloved Republic of the Philippines. However, the distinctiveness of their window and door shutters created each facade a more homely feeling; attractive appeal in one's eyes and were exquisitely unique. In my humble opinion! 

Alas, we arrived at our destination after almost an hour on the labyrinth road. I have to admit that our driver was first-rate in manoeuvring the steering wheel as well as bypassing big vehicles with no scratch. My heart was pounding and at every turned we traverse warily reminded me of famous James Bond films. I was a bit petrified which kept me alert & awake and besides, we arrived in one piece. Actually, I enjoyed the watchful experience as it gave me so much of a thrill! 

My energy level depleted and my efficiency abated...

I was exhausted and hungry for food. Which is why when I was presented with unexpected circumstances, I wasn't able to hold my composure. My fastidiousness and perfection to detail almost ruined the first  night entirely in the South of Agios Georgios. I consumed my frustrations by unpacking my suitcase which emitted a reflective light feeling. My state of exasperation petered-out and my attention to practical interior decorations altered the clinical arrangements as well as assuaged the stifling ambience. 

We filled our greedy stomachs; freshened-up our weary bodies and a few minutes later, we were slumbering until we finally reached our dreamlands. In other words, the overall exhausting journey equated to an immersed sleep with episodes of dreams. The next morning, I woke-up with the rays of the sun infiltrating the gaps of the room's shutter doors with the therapeutic tête-a- tête sounds of birds. I stood-up and opened gently the glazed sliding glass door before I was able to unlatch the shutter doors connecting into our balcony. Thereupon, the glorious warmth of the sun radiated in the hotel's especially rendered garden. The process of disengaging and opening the shutter doors reminded me of the famous British comedy-drama series based on Gerald Durrell's three autobiographical books entitled, The Durrells. Have you watched an episode or been watching still? 

From our balcony, I diverted my attention to the adjacent swimming pool; it was already occupied by people. Inquisitively, I stepped-out of our room to find out more about the established customers. They were sitting and laying on the hotel sun loungers as well as savouring the heraldic light from the sun, either with their reading materials or early cold drinks. I wasn't just keen to scrutinise their faces and to see how big the pool was (and to dip-in later) as I was more inclined to see the rocky shoreline. It was a few steps away from the pool and my eyes perceived the turquoise mirror image of Ionian Sea with genteel waves; all-encompassing landscape and the spellbinding skies. I fell in love with the shapely handsome and pleasing beauty! 

I went back into our room and we scooped down a continental breakfast. This was more than enough to renewing our energy levels without looking like a frog in my swimwear! Honestly, I just didn't desire a bigger meal as I didn't like the thought of having a bloated tummy while sunbathing around the pool. After all, it was my first day on this Green Island in Ionian Sea and to capture flourishingly tickle pink selfies was a sine qua non. We call it V-A-N-I-T-Y especially when you haven't been eating sumptuously yet!

We lavished ourselves with sun tan lotion and rubbed every inch of our body before using the sun loungers. It was a great feeling under the mild strength of the sun which turned my acquired fair skin complexion into my original vibrant dark brown colour. After hours of relishing the delight of sunshine, we headed back into our room and immersed ourselves (alternately) in the hot/cold tub. While waiting for my turn, I thought of the restaurant's menu and specifically what to order!

The hot/cold water revitalised our weary bodies... my silky long locks were naturally dried and we were both dressed-up and ready to explore the hotel's dining place. Literally speaking, to taste what's on their menu! 

That time of the day I wasn't finicky as all I would like to eat was English Breakfast with a hot, milkier & foamy coffee latte. Sadly, they adhered to the definition of the meal which was only served until 12 noon, everyday. That is why, I asked for an Italian pasta dish called Carbonara as my second choice which I didn't regret. It was an appetising made-to-order food delivered on a plate with oozing flavours of its creamy sauce together with slices of bacon & mushrooms; rich grated cheese and seasoned with black pepper granules. Moreover, the gushing amount of olive oil with its smooth consistency gave it an extra brimming aroma and taste. I have to admit that I kept dazzling my Carbonara with Olive oil and I just couldn't stop. It was lusciously flavoursome! 

After devouring what was on our plates, we started our local excursion in which we were able to track down the steep passageway to the Beach. It was about 10 minutes away by foot from our hotel and just in front of this family restaurant which was very noticeable because of the entrenched magnificent flowers. You will be greeted by a marquee of healthy roses and once inside, the inflorescence of flowers were ubiquitous. The ornamental blossoming surrounding this family restaurant truly enticed my eyes and more so, when I tasted one of their menu items. The prices were reasonable for the scrumptious cuisine with a loving owner who gave us complimentary sorbets! 

We kept walking and found a supermarket which sells local souvenirs; household good and food ingredients. Yes, we bought a few things including a good sized can of Olive oil which we dearly used for the rest of the week. In particular, every time we had slices of ciabatta rolls and hot drinks on our balcony which has a flourishing front garden.

The sun was soon to set when we headed back to our hotel. We unloaded our groceries and then, went by the swimming pool. That was when the overpowering descent beauty of the sun induced me to capture a few pictures as well as taken panoramic images of the elongated shoreline.

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