Friday, 21 July 2017


Sweet coated and mass produced products prevail everywhere. You can find them by searching on the web at your fingertips or by smelling upfront in most retail stores. Am I extensively correct? 

These products which have been launched into the consumer's market were efficiently mixed and moulded by machines using the accuracy of computers. Besides, it is (still) of course supervised by adroit manpower for a period of time until the machines can guarantee to generate and function solely. What a crackerjack symbiosis for corporate heads which will result in more money to be saved and a large sum of profit to be pocketed. Don't be surprised when, in the near future, some of your friends are on their company's redundancy payee list. 

Technically speaking, the state of the art computer era will generate fast-paced productions and when this happens, it will gradually replace manual labour. This is the distressing truth, while the corporates in their ivory tower will not even give a single damn about you. Why would they when all they see are rising numbers and the bull market figure? This worrying situation has been happening already as customers are fleeced by the substandard quality of some of the products. If you ordered and received an item which is half of the quality you are expecting, you should return it right away and demand a free return label. It is your right after all and don't be intimidated by the minute terms & conditions. 

So much of that ineffable satisfaction as it's making me frown more (LOL!)... 

I have been receiving sample products from different retailing companies. For what purpose? I have to try each one of them and after that, I will compose and send to the respective people a written discourse. A constructive statement in which negative and positive criticisms are elaborately explained. If you would like me to try your product(s) in exchange for a blow-by-blow written assessment which is not less than 300 words, just send me a message! 

A year ago, a friend of ours told us about his new passion during his leisure time which has now becomes his love affair for handcrafted items. I can still vividly remember how delighted and mesmerised I was every time I received home-made occasion cards from him. Its because the cards were delicately designed and exquisitely decorated with cut-out images from recycled cards. According to our friend, the duration making of each card depends on what type of occasion but it usually takes a few days before it will be perfectly finish with an envelope. 

Three months back, our dearest and generous friend launched exclusively in front of us his luxuriously handmade products. Such as the soaps which were neatly wrapped in greaseproof wax papers and then, placed in cardboard boxes and some, in mini tin storage boxes. More than that, we were also presented with shower gels in congealed and diluted solutions in the shades of canary and transparent yellow. Both contents were in leak proof square plastic bottles with gold disc pump tops and detachable locks. Our friend wasn't just launching whim products as he even thought of our Motherly Nature, too. His modest concept of the soap boxes and shower gel containers are both recyclable and reusable!

On a split-second, I thought they were all from a skin care product store because of the classically sleek image presented to us. On the contrary, he made them from his humble abode by combining the desired ingredients, adding the pleasant fragrance oil, gently stirring and then conceptualising the finished goods using the boxes and plastic bottle containers. That was the dead ringer appearance of his handcrafted bathing products. But what about the essential quality? 

We were politely asked to closed our eyes and then, had a smell of different bar of soaps. The subtle scent of lavender oil and tea tree oil in his home-made soaps exuded right after opening each effortlessly. My palms were imbued with soothing aroma upon touching only the well-wrapped wax paper. My sense for redolence was much aroused when the soaps were uncovered and laid on my hands. I couldn't get out of my nostrils the calming lavender and the relieving tea tree fragrances. If they were edible, they would have landed in my mouth after my nose!

Enough of the pocket-sized soaps as there were shower gels, too... 

I twisted the pump top to open and the lemony scent reached directly into my nose. It was like smelling the newly cooked lemon drops or freshly squeezed lemon juice. My mouth was watering as the distinctive sour citric acid dominated; I nearly salivated... hahahaha! The viscid consistency meant I had to shake it very well before use. Also, the rich organic elements made it only ideal as a face & body wash. That's because, when I tried using it as a shampoo my hair strands formed into small, tight curls. What a frizzy and grrrr experimental moment for my silky straight locks! 

Contrastingly, the thinned version of a combined lemon oil and geranium oil had a surprising sweet orangy flavour. It was already tea time when the olfactory nerve presentation was soon to finish. That is why, my thoughts of a super moist and fluffy cake with orange glaze forked over. Apart from craving, I was also gasping for a cup of tea.

On a more serious note, the diluted version was the right and perfect alternative shampoo for my sensitive hair. Actually, I provisionally first used it when we were in Corfu, Greece and it left my hair silky soft with a fructose scent. Personally speaking, the shampoo experiment proved that it was not just for my delicate chocolate brown skin!

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