Wednesday, 26 July 2017


She has been thinking as to what will be her next and hopefully, the last pretty penny bag to acquire. She knew there were a few distinctive fashion brand names clouded in her senses but she was realistic enough to know how exorbitant they would be. The highly excessive list prices were indeed outside her authority and could lead her to an overdraft.

Her quixotic wish list deterred and the murkiness in her mind became sensibly clear. Whitherly, it prospected to two middle-of-the-road and prudent choices...

The first preference of hers was, the Yves Saint Laurent's Classic Large College Bag in Dark Red Matellasse Leather. A classic monogram bag which has an interlocking YSL signature buckle closure; top handle metal chain and a leather removable shoulder strap. In truth, she watched a few free videos of this bag on the web in which it was even compared to a very known luxury timeless jumbo handbag. Her attention was transfixed and more so, when the suggested retail price for YSL Bag was less than half of the jumbo handbag price. Plainly, it wasn't the price that made it attractive for her as the commodious space was mostly the substantial wow element.

The second next in order was one of the three (now five) structured sizes iconic luggage tote by the industry heavyweight, Phoebe Philo, when he revitalised Céline in 2010. A company for fashion luxury goods that was acquired for 2.6 billion by a French multinational luxury European company, better know as LVMH (LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE), back in 1996. So much about the volte-face quick facts and more so about her second cup of tea. It's the smallest amongst sizes with an incredibly soft goat leather material named Céline Nano Luggage Tote in Vermilion.

The Céline Nano became her hand-picked choice despite the fact that YSL Classic Large College Bag was in the same price range, too. While she was passionately thinking, the image of her very own Mulberry Medium Lily Scarlet came to mind from time to time. Its because, in her opinion, the dimensions and most of the essential features of Mulberry and YSL weren't end of rainbow different.

She chose the smallest Céline Luggage Tote which has a very rare bicolour combinations...

The leather dual-rolled carry handles are incrust in a chocolate brown shade and the colour continues as embellishment for the bag's entire calfskin trimming. This practical- sized bag has been designed with the perpetual exterior front zipped pocket and a useful leather sunglasses tab at the back. Sadly, the outer front zipped pocket can only accommodate calling cards for clandestine admirers because of its peewee dimensions. What a saucy ink-and-paper “acquaintance card” doodad!

What she appreciates more about Céline Nano is the optional removable vermilion shoulder strap with gold metal trigger swivel hooks. The free will of wearing it as cross body by attaching the gold metal hooks onto the fastened gold D ring connection buckles (both winged sides of the bag) is undeniably framed it to be more than just a hand carry bag! 

Unlike her Céline Mini Luggage Tote, Nano has no four protective studs at the bottom; no leather tab and no press button on the left winged side of the bag for the top tape zipper extension. The top zipper closure secures all her essentials when away on a lovely day or a night out affair. Moreover, it opens to an ample interior of chocolate brown lambskin lining with durable panel leather bottom which holds the shape of the bag and a suited flat pocket perfect either for credit/debit cards, cellphone or oyster card.

After purchasing Céline's smallest iconic luggage tote, she thought it would dissatisfy her. Nonetheless, it was just her qualm which was obliterated when she paired it to her Céline Multicolour Luggage Calfskin Leather Tote Mini. It was exactly the miniature version with a sigh in her mind, “Wish it has incrust with the same sensational colour combinations!”.

The Celine's Nano Luggage Tote in Vermilion and Chocolate Brown Dual-Rolled Carry Handles with Gold Heat Stamped Logo was Miss Victoria David's realistic 33rd post-birthday present for herself!

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