Friday, 11 August 2017


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

The Hollow is back and no one can stop her! You can either be her worshipper and your allegiance will be rewarded or be her rival and you'll be punished unceasingly by her ruthlessly sadistic supernatural power.

The Mikaelson siblings have lived for thousands of years; they experienced living in woods as well as encountering different breeds of people. Through the years of being immortals, they have also upgraded their physical appearances and refined their personalities. However, the monstrosity that lives in them has created the most cruel vampires with yielded supreme powers. In particular, they have lived from epoch to epoch and slaughtered people without a bad conscience but only enjoyed the rush and sensation of killing the living souls. It is all because of their immortal birth rights as highly-fearful vampires. Generally speaking, the powers for unequalled physical dominance means they get whatever they desire; they accept no truce and they welcome no objections!

Through the years of being omnipotent vampires, the Mikaelson siblings have penetrated kingdoms and invaded counties. They were eminently feared by ordinary living souls and even the venerable & robust witches were scared of them, too. Which is why when they aspired to make New Orleans as their domain home, the residents didn't physically stand against them but just complied with seething resentment.

The self-proclaimed rebellious King of New Orleans, Niklaus "Klaus" Mikaelson, has been an imperially fearsome half-Original Vampire and half-werewolf. He maintained the very rigid and austere Original Hybrid attitude which he conveyed by killing ruthlessly. Specifically when he speaks out of disdain, disobedient people have no room in his kingdom as their existence belong to him. Despite his extremely rebarbative and loudmouth personality, Klaus has a warm and compassionate heart towards his family. Years ago, he adopted a former slave's son named Marcel who became his vampire protégé. Yes, he once conceived himself as a parent before coming to New Orleans. Recently in the series, he became a Father to Hayley's daughter named Hope. You heard me right that Vampires can also be biological fathers despite the mythical fact that they can never procreate as a condemn part of their immortality.

The mouth-watering Original Vampire, Elijah Mikaelson, who will definitely tickle your soul when you see him in his usual trendy suave Italian tailored suit. His sense for stylish and sleek fashion which is full of flavours is diametrically opposed to his asperous maternal half-brother, Klaus. Elijah has a relatively level-headed attitude as an older brother and as a vampire. His astute personality made him to be liked more by most of his siblings and loved more by Hayley. However, when his smartness became a threat to Klaus he was neutralised by stabbing him and enduring his heart with a silver dagger dipped in the ashes of white oak tree. In the last series, he was one of the sacrifices which was successfully performed and as a bittersweet result, he asked Vincent to purge his memories so he could start a new life as a musician.

She was the before all else flower amongst The Originals and the youngest of the Mikaelson siblings. Rebekah Mikaelson's romantic relationship with Marcel and the desire for a family of her own were made complicated by her family name and vampire status. Her dreams were shattered and her bottled-up hatred towards her family turned her to be rebellious. However, it dissipated when she eventually pursued a simple life outside New Orleans. Moreover, her unwavering love for the family heightened when she accepted in becoming the guardian of her sole niece, Hope. It was a personal suggestion from her closest brother, Klaus, in order to safeguard Hope away from the unmanageable turmoil of New Orleans.

They were the introductory Originals who invaded New Orleans to be their kingdom of authority; vanquished a number of elderly witches and encrypted fear to new generations of compliant witches. They were feared by many because of their indestructible physiques and mercilessness personalities. I thought it was just the 3 of them who predominantly comprised The Originals until two more of their siblings unexpectedly emerged. Their consciousness was reawakened and reborn with vigorously new human bodies!

The Original siblings were not just all ruthless vampires as they also have an immensely powerful sister, Freya Mikaelson, who casts spells. Specifically, she's the long-lost maternal half-sister of Klaus and personified as a skilled thousand-year-old witch. Ever since she was reborn, her preeminent magical power as a witch defended and mended the rest of the Mikaelson family. The supremacy of her cast of spells was tested utmost and many times. Particularly, when Elijah was neutralised by the Hollow and his consciousness was left in limbo. More so, when the Hollow possessed the body of her niece, Hope, as a medium for vengeance and after her failed resurrection.

There is also an emotionally challenegd brother, Kol Mikaelson, who grew-up with the prominent status as the black sheep of the family. His disturbed personality was considered a nuisance by his own brothers and more so, when he became violent to people and was dangerously bold in killing them. However, his abominate behaviour was just a way of seeking attention; a cry for family's attention. Which is why, when he experienced true love for Divina, his perspective in life as a vampire moderated and animated his bitter heart. The strength of his true love for Divina yielded a benevolence Kol who willingly sacrificed himself in a steep price spell just to save the possessed body of Hope.

The Mikaelson siblings were hostile towards each other and this was portrayed by killing and neutralising the most hated siblings. Their existence in the last series may have been uncomplicated but in the preceding years, they have experienced challenges of acceptance and were very determined to fight for their own survival. Do you know why they never gave-up and just kept on protecting themselves against myriads of physical encounters? It's because when they met those traverse blows in the past, they supported each other's back and fought as a dimensional family. They consistently shielded their own kinds while combating those who would cherish to see them decompose into ashes!

The loving nature of the vampires would unfold when one of their family members was in great trouble. In the last episode, Klaus' daughter was sacrificially saved by four of the astute Originals. In saving Hope's possessed body from the Hollow (Inadu), their sacrifice was doomed with a precondition that they will never come near and see each other again. The sacrificial spell was pursued; it was conjured by a powerful witch, Vincent Griffith, and Freya Mikaelson. When the ritual expel was successfully performed, the siblings (Klaus, Elijah, Kol and Rebekah) received each of The Hollow's 4 split spirit and subsequently, stayed separate from each other to prevent the full strength of The Hollow.


There are no perfect relationships as even with our own parentage siblings, the inevitable rivalry emerges. In some families, the feeling of disapproval and antipathy with our own bloodline can jell in our wonderful minds. However, condoning and granting pardon will always be the core essence in most families who desire nothing but a harmonious relationship with their own kind.