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 (Miss Queen Pacific 2017, Miss Akiko Mae Obillo)

My train journey heading to Gloucester Road Station was velvety smooth while the weather was refreshingly delightful. Shall I say, the outside ambiance was enlightened with the spirit of Yuletide. When I was heading to the venue, I also had a pleasant walk on the plain concrete pavements while passing by commercial buildings. These were development plots that were once part of the post-war social housing developments and are now defined as “ambiguous landmark buildings”. I have to admit that the whole milieu took me back to the Victorian period and I even wished that I had worn my long flowy dress.

The ambiguous landmark buildings on the left verge of Cromwell Road accompanied me until I reached the corner of Queen's Gate. There it was the main venue of Casirellas Charity's event for a cause, Baden Powell House. A site which was originally purchased by the building committee, chaired by Sir Harold Gillet and was designed by Raplh Tubbs into a modern architectural style building. It was opened in 1961 and underwent several refurbishments over the years and to date, has been providing a modern and affordable home for the members of Scout Association. It also functions as a for hire space to host conferences and events. It is conveniently based in the attractive South Kensington and one of the most affluent areas of the U.K.

Once I had decided to attending the concluding part of Casirellas Charity's event, I contacted directly on social media the head organiser, Jewel Natividad Gagan. I politely requested a reserve admission ticket for myself to be paid in person and also, asked for a seat as near as possible to the stage. Sadly, the latter part of my request wasn't favourably approved as the first 3 front seat rows were allocated for the companions of members of the jury and their sponsors for this year. However, I was advised to arrive on time so that I could find an ideal seat location where I would be able to take pictures without annoying anyone. Yes, I was able to find a good aisle spot on their theatre seating plan by being early, but was very surprised that there was no clear RESERVED sign for the first 3 front row seats. That is why, numbers of ticket purchasers who were not well informed about the seating arrangements were asked to vacate and find seats somewhere at the back. Actually, only the reserved seats on the right side were properly monitored as these were supervised by a woman.

I was approximately 20 minutes early before the event to start at 18:00...

When I entered the event hall of Baden Powell House, I was greeted by its theatrically arranged chairs; the red carpet-like aisle leading up to the stage; the well set-up music booth and the on-going construction of the stage. Apart from that and as I got closer to the stage, there were spruced-up chairs & embellished tables for members of the jury and a donned table illuminated by tiaras; encased souvenirs; wrapped bottles of Casillero del Diablo wine and the intriguing headphones.

What do you think was the main purpose of the headphones during the entire event? Were they even utilised? Was the main intention to choose the high ranking top 5 candidates and then, they would have the final Q&A round? If it was so, the headphones should have been worn by the awaiting chosen candidates and all their previous accumulated scores were set to zero in order to determine who really had the wit & intelligence and not just the good looks.

Time was ticking and yet there was no indication that the beauty pageant for my fellow transgender women would soon to commence. Yes, they were running out of time and yet they were still beautifying more of the stage by gradually erecting a background and styling it with letters/numbers that read as MISS QUEEN PACIFIC 2017. That is why, a glimpse of the partial candidates were called upon to gather on stage for their final production number rehearsal.

The question was, where are the rest of the candidates? More importantly, where were the members of the jury, without whom could not start at 18:00? Actually, it didn't start at an agreed time as the first wiggly movements of the candidates during their production number was around 19:20. After the engaging production number, we were energised more by Miss Ela Hidalgo's belting and strapping vocal cords.

The stage was then owned by their marvellous masters of the ceremony namely, the voluble Miss Coleen Kacey; the acquiescent Mr. Elijah Paul Villanueva and the articulate Miss Vivienne Melanie Tion Mesias. The three of them detailed the sequence of the night's event and its mechanics; specified the minor, major & special awards; endorsed this year's sponsors; thanked the presence of the invited jury; acknowledged the founder & chairman of Casirellas Charity Organisation UK (CCOUK), Mr. Enly OC Gagan and addressed the honourable guest speaker, Hon. Voltaire Mauricio, First Secretary and Consul of the Philippine Embassy in London, U.K. 
(Miss Coleen Kacey, Mr. Elijah Paul Villanueva and Miss Vivienne Melanie Tion Mesias)

The limpid overhead headlights were off and the beaming DJ lights were gradually turned on toward the stage. At the same time, our attention was diverted to the back of the event hall. We saw some members of the charity and secured a passage for the candidates who ostentatiously paraded, one by one, on the aisle wearing their vibrant National Costumes and headed up to the stage for their self introduction. What a grandstand array of guises and ensembles which revealed their love for their chosen countries. The unanimously decided winner for Best in National Costume was Miss Philippines, Miss Akiko Mae Obillo!
Best in National Costume, Miss Akiko Mae Obillo (Miss Philippines)

Miss Chile, Miss Chixy Wilson

Miss Colombia, Miss Iwa Moto

Miss Peru, Miss Tiana Delosata

Miss El Salvador, Miss Jade Phoenix Chua-Hoskins

Miss Philippines, Miss Akiko Mae Obillo

Miss Solomon Islands, Miss Geri Love

Miss Australia, Miss Chezka Mari

Miss Singapore, Miss Mikaella Atay

Miss Costa Rica, Miss Pola Morena- Benfetima

Miss Ecuador, Miss Sophia Frewin

Miss Panama, Miss Nicole Williams

Miss Mexico, Miss Vee Lacsamana

The candidates colourful appearance wearing their intricate and cumbersome national costumes invigorated and cheered us all. After their paralleled exit on stage, we were then occupied by succeeding intermission numbers of Miss Florie May Rapirap and Miss Alexis Mendoza Chiforescu.

The entertainment numbers of the performers were sufficient enough for the candidates to take-off their chunky ensembles and change to something titillating. It was time to flaunt their innate sexiness and enhanced figure by wearing their preferred swimsuit. They appeared one by one on stage with draped cloth around their waist which was inspired by the Miss Universe 2017's Swimsuit competition. Who do you think outrivalled the rest of the candidates when they all showed-off their flat tummies, sexy booties and elongated limbs? The unanimously decided winner for Best in Swimwear was Miss Philippines, Miss Akiko Mae Obillo!
Best in Swimwear, Miss Akiko Mae Obillo (Miss Philippines)

I thought they would all headed back to their cosy and roomy changing room in the basement of the building. However, my supposition was incorrect as the swimsuit round was also in conjunction with the initial Q&A portion of Miss Queen Pacific 2017. What does it entail? The main highlighted sequence of the beauty pageant was to have an initial Q&A portion which would add to the gathered minor scores of the candidates. They were then ranked and whoever would be successfully included on the top 5 will go onto the final Q&A round. If I am not mistaken and on this ultimate part of the beauty pageant, the previous accumulated scores by the top 5 would be set to zero in order to determine who really has the wit & intelligence and not just the good looks. Also, this should have been the segment in which the intriguing headphones were utilised.

Why they did not follow the proposed sequence of Miss Queen Pacific 2017? In my opinion, the long-winded questions (which were read twice for a better comprehension) for the candidates were not necessary as the initial Q&A round is traditionally brief. Generally speaking, it consumed most of the time! As a result, when the closing time of 23:00 drew closer there was a discussion between the supervising employee of Baden Powell House and the organisers of Casirellas Charity.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has been known in London and across the U.K. as a posh and expensive place to live in. The places within its periphery aren't just accessible addresses for small and multi companies. They are also residential homes for upper class and stinkingly wealthy people. They are residents who adhere to the implemented rules & regulations put forward by the council in order to maintain a harmonious and organised neighbourhood. In connection with this, they do not tolerate any unreasonable behaviour which may harm and threaten the peacefulness. Thus, any disobedience like conducting/performing late events either indoor or outdoor has no place in the lexicon of the residents. As a result, any events which interfere and hamper in the peacefulness will be forcefully closed down as stipulated in the black & white permit. Last Saturday, 02nd of December, the first organised beauty pageant for my fellow transgender women by Casirellas Charity and in direct partnership under Starvision UK met with disasters. The adjective “successful” according to the dictionary of Cambridge means “achieving the results wanted or hoped for”. Shall I say, if you have accomplished the planned sequence of the event and fulfilled the desired aim result is when you can actually describe and use the adjective itself.

After the lengthy Q&A portion, we were then shake-up by Ambhie Da Diva's voice. Succeedingly, the stage was then paved way for the inspirational Miss Vicky Lee's speech. The co-founder and host of the oldest Trans Club, The WayOut Club, in the U.K. who has been the greatest pillar in the acknowledgement of “Transpeople” and bringing greater awareness about Transgender people to the wider LGBTQI+ community. According to Miss Vivienne Melanie Tion Mesias' agreeable introduction for Miss Vicky Lee and I quote, 'all transgender women in the U.K. know the name and integrity of our tirelessly inspirational mother!'
(The inspirational Miss Vicky Lee)

The candidates were no longer provocatively exposed when they flourished on stage elegantly wearing their floor- length gowns accentuated with glistening beads and sequins. They graced the stage in a stunningly exquisite manner with an inevitable gaffe from one of the candidates, who level-headedly recomposed her bearing on the spot. The unanimously decided classy winner for Best in Evening Gown was Miss Mexico, Miss Vee Lacsamana!
Best in Evening Gown, Miss Vee Lacsamana (Miss Mexico)

They were all gathered on stage like glimmering dolls and the announcement of the winners of minor and major awards were proclaimed:
Miss Popularity, Miss Tiana Delosata (Miss Peru)

Miss Photogenic, Miss Vee Lacsamana (Miss Mexico)

Miss Congeniality, Miss Tiana Delosata (Miss Peru)

Darling of the Crown, Miss Akiko Mae Obillo (Miss Philippines)

Best in Talent, Miss Akiko Mae Obillo (Miss Philippines)

They were then caressed by the serenading voice of Mr. Dave Hoskins who also exhilarated the lenient crowd. Unexpectedly, there was a problem with the calculations and as a reconstruction, another raffle draw was executed and random lucky winners from the audience were handed over wrapped bottles of Casillero del Diablo wine.
(Mr. Dave Hoskins and the lovely candidates)

It was getting near the closing time allotted for the Casirellas Charity's event. That is why, we were able to witness the unhindered scenario between the organisers and the supervising employee of Baden Powell House who were having a plight. For that reason, the masters of the ceremony mentioned over the microphone the sudden alteration of the main sequence of the event of Miss Queen Pacific 2017.

Ms. Charity, Miss Nicole Williams (Miss Panama) and the people behind Casirellas Chrity Organisation UK (CCOUK)
The organisers were getting more agitated and so did some of the ticket purchasers. Because of the beforehand mistakes, (which could have been prevented by starting at 18:00 and shortening the lengthy questions), there was an abrupt modification of the event. The presentation of  the special award labelled, Ms. Charity, and the declaration of Miss Queen Pacific 2017's runners-up and title holder were accelerated...
From Left to Right
2nd Runner-up, Miss Pola Morena- Benfetima (Miss Costa Rica)
1st Runner-up, Miss Nicole Williams (Miss Panama)
Miss Wela Dela Vega
Mr. Ronald Husenia
Mr. William Jonas Andrews
 Miss Queen Pacific 2017, Miss Akiko Mae Obillo (Miss Philippines)
Companion of Member of the Jury
3rd Runner-up, Miss Sophia Frewin (Miss Ecuador)
4th Runner-up, Miss Vee Lacsamana (Miss Mexico)

4th Runner-up, Miss Vee Lacsamana (Miss Mexico)

3rd Runner-up, Miss Sophia Frewin (Miss Ecuador)

2nd Runner-up, Miss Pola Morena- Benfetima (Miss Costa Rica)

1st Runner-up, Miss Nicole Williams (Miss Panama)

Miss Queen Pacific 2017, Miss Akiko Mae Obillo (Miss Philippines)

I must say that it was a wonderful transgender women beauty pageant for a cause with an ideal venue and top notch masters of the ceremony. However, last Saturday's event met with disasters which could have been avoided if the organisers and event coordinators followed firmly the time allotted. Thus, describing the entire outcome of last Saturday as successful is misinterpretation of the adjective itself and a deception.

If you think that my above raised issues are unjust and have no bearing for veracity, think of the people who commuted far- just to witness Miss Queen Pacific 2017 and only to be rushed out of the event hall at Baden Powell House. May I remind you highly that Miss Queen Pacific 2017 was under the supervision of people who have background knowledge and past experiences in the use of Baden Powell House!

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