Sunday, 31 December 2017


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD


When I was growing-up in my beloved home town and the month of Christmas was starting to draw closer, the thought of unwrapping gifts was imminent. I would even dream of receiving envelopes from my godparents containing new bills with a crepitating sound. If ever you would receive an envelope with 500 or 1000 Philippine Peso, a glow of rapture in your face would be seen by the rest of the kids. That is why, my childhood friends and I were always looking forward to the Christmas Eve and the Christmas Day. 

In the past, a week before the 25th of December most children in my neighbourhood would either have bought a new set of clothes with a pair of shoes or would be still searching for the quirkier illuminating attire with animation. Then, by the evening before Christmas Day our loving parents would wake us up to witness the colourful fireworks up in the sky before handing over the most anticipated wrapped gifts. On Christmas Day, we couldn't wait to garb ourselves in our new clothes/shoes and also exultantly looking forward to see each other's appearance. We would then walk as a group with a particular intention of visiting our godparents. They would welcome us into their homes and offer something to eat before handing over either an envelope filled with wads of cash or under the tree present comprised of our dream toys/brand-new clothes. 

My childhood years were filled with meaningful and out-of-bounds memories; which I will treasure until my last breathe on Earth. More importantly, I am very thankful to have been surrounded by cheerful childhood friends when I was growing-up and was generously taken cared of by my parents, until I decided to leave the comfortable nest. 

The children in my home town have all grown-up now and a few have fearlessly spread-out their wings in foreign countries. I am one of the few who has been living thousand miles away from my beloved country. In the years of living in London, United Kingdom I have learnt that there is more to just receiving a well-wrapped presents or a sealed envelope in life. In particular, I have been appreciating more the significance of Christmas cards when the warmth spirit of Yuletide is just around the corner.

The simple thought of sending a card with no manners of pretentiousness has been appreciated more by myself. In connection to this, the gravitational impact of the words written, it may be a long paragraph or just a simple phrase, will always hold dear in my heart. Genuinely, either a simple or extravagant card always brings a warm smile to my face. Its because, people reveal their true sincerity about their view of you in their inscribed words. Shall I say, shielding our selves with gripping and embracing words are the priceless gem of affection and weigh higher than conspicuous tangible things.

Christmas Day has passed and soon, we will welcome another brand-new year. Let us all be reminded that GREETING CARDS are not just customary and biodegradable papers. Veritably, they are worth their weight in gold as the tradition of sending our love and care to another person. Thus, they are not comparable even to high-priced handbags or any luxury items, if you regard less the so-called conspicuous consumption. I doubt it? 

To those who have been appreciating my kindness like our neighbours, THANK YOU! To those who have been valuing the genuine nature of my friendship, THANK YOU MORE! To those who have been treating me as a family member, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

By and large, inscribed words from unexpected senders whether good or bad is an even-steven reflection of who we truly are as a mortal human being in this world!

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