Thursday, 11 January 2018


About three weeks ago, I decided to purchase another handbag as a post-Christmas present for myself. Beforehand, I was still ruling-out what brand I would choose; which one I would prefer most to be the penultimate piece of my collection. In particular, there were three brand names that came into my mind and I was even thinking of settling for the most foothold one. Despite the fact that my budget allocation could afford the highly priced double flap bag, I still resisted buying it for the simple reason that there are too many counterfeit versions out there. Realistically speaking, I just love the thought of sticking around waiting for the best time to buy for a good deal; choosing wisely with my acquisition and more importantly, making sure that my finances are no over my threshold limit. Don't you agree? 

I was down to my final two preferences. After some research regarding their pros and cons in the fashion market, I blissfully ended-up choosing the piece which fits well enough with my personality. It has a stunning and youthful structure which differentiates from the rest of my peg away handbags. I singled out the feminine elegance and soft appearance of Large Lady Dior Cannage Quilted Bag in Fushia Pink.

The Lady Dior bag was created in 1994 by at that time its artistic director, Gianfranco Ferré. It attracted and fascinated every fashion journalists and members of the fashion house which paved the way to gaining its original couture name as 'chouchou' (French for favourite). By that time, it had the sole purpose of becoming a classic and iconic bag because of its charismatic design and features. Such as, the leather hallmarks; soft lambskin topstitched; rounded handles and the metal D.I.O.R letters charm.  
The Lady Dior bag became marketably more famous when the People's Princess, Princess Diana, fell in love with it in 1996 and carried it elegantly for years. Historically speaking, Bernadette Chirac (French Politician) offered this bag to the Princess of Wales during a trip to Paris in September 1995. Then, The Princess of Wales was wearing it during the opening of the Cezanne exhibition at the Grand Palais. That is why, Lady Dior is a commercial name given to a handbag by the Christian Dior company in honour of Diana, Princess of Wales. 

Let me now give you my personal insights after having possession of the Large Lady Dior Cannage Quilted Bag in Fushia Pink for a week to date...

I am more enticed and settling for captivatingly vibrant shades which in this case helped me to verge on my usual chosen colour wheels. That is why, the vibrancy of its colour has been the wisest decision for me rather than to have favoured the available safest colours. Many of us will choose the shade black but my mind and heart said, “choose the YOU colour!”. By oneself, it shows the true reflection of my colourful personality and compliments my optimistically light hearted behaviour.

The dome styled handles are crafted with robust material and sheathed in dyed lambskin leather to give it a smoother appearance. There are two facets of the handles, the front angle was trimly cushioned while the back angle remained firmly flat. These handles are then fixed into the main bag using a solid and strong oval metal in silver. There is also an integrated hanging metal D.I.O.R letters charm in silver but with a bigger letter “O” shadowed by a leather pattern. At the back of the leather pattern there is an embossed “Christian Dior Paris Made in Italy” in centred alignment. Moreover, it also has a fine and slim detachable shoulder leather strap which is secured on both ends with personalised CD lobster claw silver-tone snap hooks.  
The overall key attributes of the Lady Dior bag are its savoir-faire network of lines stitched vertically and diagonally which create precise quilted leather cushions emerging like scattering shimmering diamonds. The refined topstitching called “cannage” brings forth femininity and elegance in the finesse of the bag. 

The Lady Dior Bag has been architecturally design to stand alone when place on a flat surface. To be more specific, the entire bottom part of the bag was plainly blanketed in dyed leather and protected more with additional wee silver-tone studs in the shape of cones. In addition to this, it is a top zipped bag with a CD silver pendant like flap (to open/close the zip) which opens entirely to a well crafted interior of jacquard fabric lining. I have to say that the solidity of its interior is the exact opposite of its soft and smooth cannage exterior. Furthermore, the spaciousness of the bag's interior has been conceptualised with a functional zip pocket and underneath its opening mouth there is a trimmed leather panel that has an inscription “Christian Dior Paris Made in Italy” in centred alignment. If you will turn up the stitched trimmed leather panel, you will find the embossed 8-digit serial code (2 digit numbers- 2 upper case letters- 4 digit numbers) which will give an idea of its batch/production year. 

Personally speaking, the Large Lady Dior Cannage Quilted Bag in Fushia Pink itself is commodiously ideal and will always be sophisticatedly stylish. It is indeed a timeless and unique work of art imbued with meticulous craftsmanship which yields the Couture spirit of Dior.

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