Thursday, 1 February 2018


My mind has been filled with memories from the past
and thoughts in the now.
What a delicate dreg contrast!

From time to time, I could lucidly feel how protective my father was
and how loving my mother was to me, too.
Then, the mirror image of dwelling into the past flared in a leap.

I love being intimately transported to how facile
and breezy it was to be a child once again.
Don’t you think for one second?

My toys were my greatest possessions and I shared them with my friends.
When they weren’t in used, my prudent parents gathered
and kept all of them with no muttering under their breath.
It was their way of retaining my toys from the predatory eyes
and wayward hands of my childhood friends.

The unvarnished truth about being my childhood is,
that it was very carefree and delightful.
You don't have the duty on your shoulder or responsibility for others
and even taking good care of yourself is left in the hands of parents.
What a threshold for children to play!

If and when memory lane ingratiates into my mind,
it usually brings forth seventh-heaven and joyfulness.
Either picturing-out with my newfangled toys (solely playing)
or reminiscing the never-ending laughter with my friends.
Those were hilarity flashes in me
that added euphoria to the healthy hearts of my parents.

The rivet core of my childhood memory resides forever
deep in my heart and soul.
When revives, it can breath a trajectory of new life
but delving excessively can rhapsody lead to
a series of adverse comparisons; unhappiness and pain.

Childhood memory lane is a penetrating quagmire.
It separates yourself from the even-handed paths of reality
and draws you closer and abut into the spectra of fantasy.

Truth be told but I dearly love how insouciant and unsullied
being a child who is free from woes was.
On the other hand, the wishful fantasy of manipulating back the
“tick tock”clock is a chagrin diversion
which will separate you from appreciating more
the eyrie of beauty and security
of the life you have in the now! 

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