Friday, 8 January 2016


It wasn't in my top most plans to visit Philippines last year but I'm glad I pursued it!

I purchased my return flights weeks before my arrival day and happily managed to send a balikbayan box, too. Flying over to my beloved country wasn't a plain vacation to relax as I had special reasons at the back of my mind. These reasons were successful and went well. Nowadays, I feel incredibly complete and a woman full with joie de vivre.
Year 2015 wasn't the best year of my life but it has given me a few things to remember and treasure. Such as my cheerful memories with my Antipolo Clique. They were beside me when I needed extra hands and showed love when I was down and almost losing hope. 

My charismatic sister BABANG who truly believes that I can do most things in life. You witnessed my struggles when I was in Manila like getting up at 21:00 or 22:00 in order to go to work on time. Thank you for forcefully pushing Tatay that I should stay with you when Kuya Boyet had to go back on board the ship. I treasure all the memories we shared especially the flood days at Cainta, Rizal and our 'love & hate' bonding as sisters. 

KUYA GODFREY who is now taller than me and was my helping hand from the day of my operation until my last day in the Philippines. I have to say that you have become smarter as shown in your grades and sturdier for withstanding the test of commuting, for hours, the busy metropolis. I was once a commuter in Metro Manila and you need to have a strong sense of yourself aside from your stamina in order to survive. Kuya, Thank You so much and I'm very proud of your achievements at school. 

You are my cousin and we didn't talk much when we were in General Santos City. Were you scared of me? You must have been but I was completely different all those years ago. Thank you ATE MAICA for helping me too, like when I needed your presence to change my bandages in the toilet. I remembered that we weren't talking much for a few days but our bloodline taught us how to become closer. You have to stay strong as being away from your parents will never be easy but it will yield something good for your inner self. I enjoyed and loved our Makati day/night out, especially our friendly yet flirty smile and hand waves to passers-by from Starbucks' glass window. 

The over-eager and loquacious Kate who was a bit aloof towards me for a few days and who later called me, MOMMY. You called me Mommy with your cute voice with a very warm hug too that made me closer to you. You have an advance brain and always made me smile when you conversed with me in English. I was very amazed how you correctly used each English word in a sentence. I have to say that I could even see myself in you when I was at your age. I love you articulate ATE KATE! 

I was able to breastfed you when you were a baby as you couldn't stop from crying. Can you believe it? You stopped, slept and I think that was the reason why we are so bonded until now ATE NICOLE. I arrived there a week after you were born and it was a very delightful feeling to see you grow. I will forever treasure your annoying behaviour (at the age of 3) every time you tried to wake me up in my room at Cainta, Rizal. You are no longer a baby but you will always be my baby and I will forever be your MOMMY. 


I traveled alone in reluctance and when I stayed there with you all, we shared memories of laughter, aloofness and even got very closer than years before. Then, the day I traveled back again to England you all made me cry but I was left with elated tearful eyes. The worst part was, you ruined my applied eyeliner (LOL!).

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