Monday, 11 January 2016


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

A gentle voice with an almost feminine intensity greets and welcomes me at their doorstep with the delightful phrase, 'You look so fantastic, Darling!'. The person behind the voice is a man whom I called, The Gaffer.

In 2008 on my first visit to England, the first person I met in the flesh who really made me very comfortable is a good friend named, The Gaffer. A big man with bulky muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger that he has developed over the years by spending time at his exclusive gym. Though he has huge biceps, he has a soft spot too! That is shown when it comes to raising plants and yielding healthy new growth from his garden.

I have been visiting his home for years and every time I was there, I was fascinated by his collections of healthy plants. Honestly, when I plan to go there I always look forward to seeing his varieties of plants. They are more than enough to warm me and gratify the nature side in me too.

The front garden is what I prefer more as it has bundles of scarlet red geraniums which appear like a red carpet. Enough to compare it to the red carpet at the Academy Awards, trodden on by famous celebrities in the showbiz world. On the other hand, the rear garden has more to offer because this is where you can see more of his creations.

One of the structures that he erected is a Victorian glass house. This provides a home for his wide range of cacti and delicate plants that usually won't survive the cold weather in England. The glass house itself could be used as a spare room as it has roof ventilator, shelving brackets, single sliding door including door catch and many more accessories.

I can still remember in the summer, his rear garden was ornamented with freshly blooming flowers. All were growing robustly with vivid colours which were very engrossing to my eyes. When I visited him one day in the summer, I was wearing a colourful maxi dress and surprisingly, one of his small flowers matched the design of my garment. And because of that he took a picture of me while standing above those flowers. In the end, they resembled an extension of my floral maxi dress in the picture.

I appreciate the beautiful transformation of their gardens and admire the effort he has made to make their gardens so very enticing.

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