Tuesday, 7 March 2017


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

The candidates have confirmed and sealed their applications for Miss Amazing Midlands 2017. So, who will become the sole successor to claim the crown of Miss Venus Petra Moutney? 
(Photos Courtesy of  Venus Petra Moutney's Facebook Account)

It only took a week for Dayanara Marques de Araneta Productions to search and endorse their 14 confirmed candidates who will fairly soon brandish their elegance and winsomeness on stage. The pageantry for these sophisticated candidates of Miss Amazing Midlands 2017 will grace the crowd with 5 different yet pleasurable categories. Such as, the Philippine traditional dress worn on formal occasions, the FILIPINIANA TERNO, together with the unrestrained and extravagantly imaginative outfit called, FANTASY, as well as their appliqué figure hugging EVENING GOWNS. They will also electrify us with their unknown and unrevealed TALENTS and more importantly, impress us on the hysterically spurring INTERVIEW.

Behold and in no particular order, here are the candidates who will ambitiously win the title of Miss Amazing Midlands 2017.
(Miss Jhexty)

  (Miss AJ)

  (Miss Cassandra)

(Miss Dina)

  (Miss Halina)

(Miss Iwa)

  (Miss Jade Chloe)

(Miss Alicia)

(Miss Sophia)

 (Miss Tamara)

(Miss Estepania/ Yurie)

 (Miss Zowie Kate)

 (Miss Tiana)

 (Miss Agatha)

On the 08th of July, this parade and spectacle of beauty with the sponsorship and cooperation of BFBCV (Birmingham Filipino-British Community Volunteers) will commence at 13:00 and will surely scintillate the Lightwoods Park at Adkins Park Lane Bearwood, Smethwick B67 5DP.

Be there or be square!

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*Photos Courtesy of Dayanara Mesmeize's Facebook Account

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