Saturday, 4 March 2017


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

The long wait was over... 

I was expecting a different delivery but when someone rang the doorbell, it was a lightweight sealed box that was handed over to me. At that time, it made me think of what it contained and aha, it's the Céline Multicolour Luggage Calfskin Leather Tote Mini. I couldn't wait to remove the sellotape wrapped on top of the box despite the fact that we were off to go somewhere. I went to the kitchen and look for a knife to unseal carefully the top of the box. I effortlessly unsealed the edges and inside was a personalised plastic carrier bag. Wait a minute, when my Mulberry Lily Scarlet Bag was delivered it was a box in a box but this time, it's a personalised plastic carrier bag in a box. That made me think for a minute about its genuineness (just a joke!)? It's because, I didn't purchase it from one of the Céline shops or on their website; I was aware of their upscale suggested retail price. It will surely give me a negative account! However, it is an absolutely authentic Céline Luggage Tote Mini source from a legitimate seller of luxury second-hand designer labels.

On the 10th of February this year, I purchased one of my wishes with a bit of haggling (I'm very proud of it!) on a robotic online store which sells pre-owned top of the range items. The luggage tote mini has been owned for some time but the stated physical shape of it was that, it's in a very good condition. I am a very wise buyer and it is always in my attitude to check it thoroughly despite the stated written statement from the seller. Which is why, I inspected thoroughly the Céline Luggage Tote on their website using the presented images of the seller. I wasn't keen to gamble at first and my reluctance was rising but to own a Céline Multicolour Luggage Calfskin Leather Tote Mini has been in my wish list. Actually, it is one of my favourite handbags. My reluctance was accumulating but the 'Make an Offer' button vanquished my apprehension. I sent a few offers until the seller agreed with the median price I sent. It was an anxious process but I kept at it until we both agreed a price. It was for me a very good snapped up bargain given the money I saved. 

It was last month when I paid for it in full as I didn't like the thought of having pending and worrisome debts, especially if it's relating to any desired luxury items. Subjectively, “if you can't pay for it, don't buy it”. That is my aphorism in buying expensive stuff either online or in store and honestly, to making yourself presentable doesn't have to lead to indebtedness or to go beyond your overdraft limit. May I ask? How is your attitude when intending to buy a top of the range item?

I placed and paid for my order in full... 

Understandingly, I have this thought at the back of my mind that the Céline Multicolour Luggage Calfskin Leather Tote Mini will arrive in just 15 days. This is with the inclusion of the seller sending the item to the Head Office for quality control before they will send it to my postal address. Yes, they have a unique quality control team who physically inspects every item for authentication purposes so that buyers can be rest assured that the article is genuine. What a good intention, to protect from fraudulent sellers and to give added confidence. I salute them but not on the side of making me wait in vain when it comes to ad hoc communication. Yes, there was a lack of communication despite the 'pre- contractual' information under the Consumer Rights of 2015. Adversely, what if they found out that one of many items is a counterfeit? Also, are they really 100 % physically checking every item?

I have lots of patience and great understanding when issues are thrown at me especially the unexpected ones. These type of situations will demand more energy and challenge your state of mind. I dislike wrinkles, so I just conceal it with a smile when circumstance are going in a different direction. The truth about expectation versus reality. Am I right? 

I received an email with a robotically structured statement from them which made me unenthusiastic but my tenacious mindset helped me to get over it. That is why, I posted carbon copies of my comment to the seller's comment section on their website which she gracefully answered in the end, too. The seller appeased my mind and I left the next step to the management to deal with. In particular, when the bag was quality checked and passed its authentication process as well as the shipment and delivery to my postal address.


On the 2nd of March, a delivery man for a tracked service courier arrived at my doorstep with a box in his hands. This was it and after almost a month of waiting in vain I could now finally touch my acquired item. An iconic Phoebe Philo's Céline Multicolour Luggage Calfskin Leather Tote Mini invigorated in the shades of striking yellow, atoning black and appealing blue with ravishing red portraying as flap wings. This gorgeously crafted fashionistas' luggage tote mini has sturdy dual- rolled handles with neatly designed exterior front zip pocket; four protective gold studs at the bottom and gold (with gold hardware) heat stamped logo at the centre. Hold this newly revitalised and decoratively leather trim bag on your arm and walk effortlessly chic around the city while carrying even more than just your essentials. Moreover, this sough-after and functional bag's top zipper closure opens to a black leather-lined interior with a large zipper pocket and one patch pocket which are perfect for bare essentials as well as a cellular phone pocket.

This bag is, more or less, the multicolour in me which certainly places a great value of making the outlines and structural planes in my life seem more energetic.

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