Tuesday, 8 December 2015


by:  MisS VictoriA DaviD

 (Summer photo and year 2015 Winter photo)
It was an aristocrat park designed by Sir Robert Taylor for a banker named Sir Thomas Gosling. And was one of the great sporting houses of 18th century and home to one of Georgians greatest social events here in England. This was the status before; a private place and a famous horse racing ground.

In 1993, Carshalton Urban District Council bought the Oaks. From the time it was
bought, a large part of Oaks Park was made available to the public. It includes the bake house, stables and some other structures and is use by visitors who love the natural surroundings and to be with their pets.

A place where you can enjoy walking on the vast green lawn and sit on benches donated by concerned citizens. Aside from the lawn itself, you will be greeted by a line of old trees, magnificent in their size, that start at the gate. The blooming wild flowers scattered along the verges; the dog friendly atmosphere and the snacks and drinks at the café just add to the delights available.

This park is not just an attraction to people who enjoy a day out with their family, friends or loved-ones as it is also a playground for animals. As it is wide and spacious, dog games like throwing of ball is being played here.
 (Summer photo and year 2015 Winter photo)

If you live near Banstead and Carshalton, visit this public ground to breath some fresh air; to exercise your joints; play with your pet and see the excavation done by The Council's Carshalton and Clockhouse Area Committee who are working hard to reveal the foundation of Sir Thomas Gosling's mid 18th century house.


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