Monday, 28 December 2015


It started at 13:00 but I appeared around 14:00, in my coordinated pink outfit... 
(Aunt Zeny's cute dog)
The weather was very mild outside as I walked towards a friend's house. It was a grey and damp day, so I was looking forward to the warm welcome I would receive. Upon my arrival at their home, I rang the doorbell and was greeted warmly by the lady of the house, Miss Rosa Constantinou. I was soon having a lively chit chat with the people I know and met before, that made me feel very homely. It was as if we were bonded by blood and not just our common interests in life.

I heard the kids voices upstairs and to see them again all grown up was so astonishing. Why would I not be mesmerised as most of them were the same height as me in my 3 inches stilettos or taller than their adorable parents. It was like being with some of the kids in my home town who are no longer dependent children.

I handed over the cards to the people who are very close to my heart and after that, I headed to the festive dining room which had been decorated with all the usual Xmas colours; greens, golds and shimmering reds. I wasn't talking about the dance floor... Lol!!! 
(Aunt Liway, Sister Tina and I)
(With the Blooming Aunt Liway)
(Aunt Zeny, Sister Tina and I)
(With Forever Sistah Tina)
The buffet was scrumptious, specifically the king prawn dish; the rice noodle with shredded broccoli and the fried chicken pieces. Despite it being 'finger licking good', I didn’t eat much as prior to my arrival I ate 2 slices of cake. Silly me! Which filled me up but did give me the energy to walk to Miss Rosa's home. 

 (Miss Colombia, Miss U.S.A and Miss Philippines)

There were gathered 3 groups of people in the house which was predictably common; handsome men, beautiful women and the lively children... 

All the women settled in the dining room where we tasted the delicious food in front of us. When I say, in front of us, it was literally in front of us on a family table. The men behaved themselves in the living room which overlooked the back garden. Where they watched a show on the television and chatted as they enjoyed the Filipino cuisine. The children were enjoying themselves too, catching up and playing games like no tomorrow. We could hear them shouting and laughing, even though they were upstairs. 

The party yesterday which started at 13:00 and finished later in the evening was filled with delicious food, loving people, a home-made yet entertaining trivial pursuit night as well as the very welcoming hosts.

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