Thursday, 24 December 2015


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

I have been thinking deeply about, what are the many phases students have to overcome when contemplating study in another country. There are a few obstacles on the way and it’s good to stand like a flexible bamboo when in a foreign country.

I met Filipinas (Pinay) that became my newly- found comrades in this luxurious country, England. Their main purpose of being in England is to study. But they had other ideas too. Students who travel to the UK are usually keen to enhance their qualifications having first obtained a degree from the Philippines. They use their status as students to gain entry to the UK and employment.

Entering in the U.K. legally is such an opportunity that is why there are many people applying in the hope of acquiring an entry clearance. Being a self-financing student is a challenge that is why they seek employment while living in the country. Working to earn money which provides the means that sustains  life’s expenses. Wages, that are more than enough for a single person,  that is why a part of it is allocated for loved-ones at home.

Mostly, they work in a fast food as  service crew; in a healthcare home as a carer or sometimes both! Although wages swell the bank account, meeting people and making new friends is a relief from home sickness and boredome. We all know that they are speculating to succeed in life, however,to afford decent accommodation which is also relatively central they have to share several to a room. It is indeed a tough old world for the foreign students.

For those at home only the money and the cheerful pictures they send are what they see and enjoy, perhaps envy too. However we must remember that students have to endure hardships. Their new home may not be a relaxing place.They may yearn for their family’s presence and affection as they are far away from them.

A way to distract melancholic feelings is to maintain a busy lifestyle like mingling with cheerful friends or maybe even a day trip to the City or sea side. A busy day and cheerful memoirs are the remedies that will vanquish teary eyes or banish a drab day. However, a sudden illness like swine flue will reduce optimism and only medical assistance can relieve the dull pain that may cost more than a penny.

Remember, in all countries some of the local people do not take easily to foreigners and can be rude. It is best to try to put this in perspective and be as calm and friendly as possible and avoid being aggravated.

We can see that the students’ story shows their life, living and working abroad, and more importantly their hopes and aims. It’s an admirable continuation of their life’s journey. Becoming a successful individual supports their self-worth and pleases their families. Remember, many folk back home look forward to spending the money on essentials and maybe the odd luxuries.

In the end, I will leave you with this important and delicate question, not as a critic but as a fellow human being. Is it really their genuine decision in life to leave their home land or is it the wish to escape the impact of their countries’ poor economy?

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